A Quick Guide to All Our Customer Week Announcements


Happy Friday! This has been a jam-packed week of announcements! We hope you were able to follow along and take advantage of all the exclusive offerings as an Ezoic customer.

To help you stay on top of all the news, we’ve created a quick recap that goes through what we announced each day and where to find more important information.

Monday’s big news was our new Levels expansion. Our new “Levels” ensure publishers have complete transparency as they continue to grow with Ezoic. Every publisher is assigned a level based upon clear revenue and visits criteria. In addition, if you enroll in the optional Level-Up Learning program you can receive access to educational resources and incentives for passing significant milestones as an Ezoic customer. You’re able to track your progress within your dashboard, just login and head here.

To learn more about Monday’s announcements, here’s where to go:

Tuesday’s news benefited publishers of all sizes, as we announced global availability to our Access Now program for publishers with less than 10,000 site visits and released our Leap tool to all new and existing Ezoic customers. If that wasn’t enough, we also rolled out a new support community located within the dashboard designed to connect customers with one another for real-time communication, to share best practices, and more. 

For Tuesday’s news, here’s what to check out:

Wednesday’s announcements went over our Video Tool and our Ad Tester addition to the Ezoic plugin. Both of these tools can lead our publishers to unlock revenue that’s sitting on the table and major improvements to their site. Our video player, for example, gives our customers the ability to host their video right on their site, leading to great gains in SEO. Our publishers are able to actually earn revenue on their own videos using the tool. On top of that, the Ad Tester addition to the Ezoic WordPress plugin will give customers the ability to add ads to their pages in minutes, all in optimized locations. Today’s content lets you in on what you could take advantage of to improve your site from these two tools. 

Here’s the content to check out for Wednesday:

Thursday’s theme was “Discover Your Dashboard.” With Ezoic, we offer so many tools and tricks that it can be hard to know if you’re taking advantage of the full suite of help available to you. We are constantly adding new features to the dashboard – and here we go through helpful reports in Big Data Analytics designed to drive more revenue, how to use Tag Tester and how it can help you rank content higher on Google, and the addition of a new feature within the Ezoic Cloud. We also hosted a live demo with a lead product developer to go through our ad tester addition to the Ezoic WordPress plugin.

The content from Thursday to be aware of:

We’ve arrived at the last day of Customer Week! In case you are reading this before 9:30am PT, there is still time to register for our live webinar with Ezoic CMO, Tyler Bishop, where he will answer all your questions surrounding Customer Week and each day’s announcements. Can’t make it? We will share the live recording and posting a follow-up with all your questions answered next week. We’re so thankful for your participation and for your continued support. 

As we wrap up Customer Week, we want to make sure that you are able to take advantage of all of our announcements this week. If you have any questions, stay tuned for our webinar or next week’s follow-up. Until then – enjoy all the new features and tools Ezoic has to offer, check on our social media contest to see if you were a winner, and be sure to watch our full Customer Week recap video below! Thanks again for joining along and for being a valued customer. 

Today’s content to check out:


By Linden O'Brien Williams

Linden is a former journalism graduate of the University of Missouri turned social media and content marketer. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French and is responsible for Ezoic social marketing strategies.