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Maximize long-term revenue and balance user experience by optimizing every single visit using the industry's most intelligent technology

Ezoic Ads

What Makes Us Different

Unique Ad Demand

Access premiere ad demand through Ezoic's network of elite ad partners, header bidders, and exclusive brand campaigns.

Proven to Improve UX, Ad Quality, & SEO

Prioritize user experience with high-quality, brand-safe ads on fast loading pages. Higher audience engagement equals higher advertising revenue.

The Leading Ad Optimizations AI

Benefit from the most advanced AI for building ad space value available for sale to advertisers. Drive up long-term RPMs using proprietary auction flooring algorithms, high-impact ad units, and dynamic inventory management.

A Modern Monetization Partner

Partner with our team of strategists and engineers, dedicated to optimizing the value of your content at every opportunity.


Unique ad layouts
for your audience

Ad Technology Built For Publishers Of All Sizes

Take advantage of machine learning technology that continually maximizes revenue and improves user engagement by only displaying the right ads, in the right positions at the right time

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Google's Largest Publishing Partner

59,000+ sites have made Ezoic the fastest growing solution for ad management

monthly pageviews

(and growing)

40 %+

average revenue increase


average traffic increase

21 %+

average time on site increase

Complete Your Ad Suite

Empower your monetization strategy with additional features

Advanced Analytics

The World's Best Analytics

The most impactful revenue data, organized for seamless utilization right from the start. No configuration, no tags, it just works. Pre-configured revenue insights for topics, writers, page length, & more.

Ad Mediation

Works With Your Own Ads

Use all of Ezoic's ad networks and link any existing partners to ensure that the most competitive bids win.

Direct Ads

Sell Your Own Ads

Manage direct deals with advertisers effortlessly all in one spot. Sites keep 100% of revenue from any linked ad partners.

Ezoic Ads
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Ezoic Ads AI

"With Ezoic, we have a technology partner that actually understands the industry and has helped us take a more data-driven approach with our efforts. The platform has helped us use our data to increase user value by balancing user experiences and revenue optimization."

- Robert Diamond |

Flexible Options for Everyone

When you connect with Ezoic, you're presented with options. Our solutions are thoughtfully designed to meet the diverse needs of publishers and their websites.

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Higher Revenue, Fewer Ads
Better UX, Faster Site

Ezoic helps publishers improve what matters most.
It's never been more important to stay on the cutting edge.

Still have questions? We have answers

  • EzoicAds and other monetization features on the platform are available to all sites. There are no minimum traffic or revenue criteria to begin monetizing with EzoicAds.
  • All sites must adhere to Google's Ad Policy guidelines which reflect common ad policies standards to all ad networks and exchanges available automatically to sites once they begin using EzoicAds:

    - Content should be original and unique.
    - All website traffic must be identifiable, human, and without known violations of common policies.
    - If a site possesses an existing Google Adsense or Ad Manager account, it must be in good standing with Google.

    Publishers can also review our Google Approval Checklist to ensure they are on the fastest track to monetization.
  • Yes! Unlike many other providers, you have full control over the number, type, and location of ads on your site. EzoicAds leads the industry in learning and adapting to how ads affect revenue and user experiences. All of the tools and features within the EzoicAds platform ensure that each visitor sees a unique combination of ads in locations that make publishers the most money without detracting from the user's experience. With the help and expertise of our team, your site will be automatically optimized to achieve your goals.
  • Yes! With EzoicAds, the complexity of optimizing your website's ads is completely handled by our intelligent platform. Our advanced machine learning analyzes countless factors affecting ad revenue, testing numerous ad arrangements quietly in the background. This ensures every visitor’s experience is maximized for revenue potential. Trust in our technology to simplify ad management for you.
  • Publishers have access to Big Data Analytics to effortlessly track and analyze ad and overall site performance. All of the reports within Big Data Analytics will provide valuable insights so you truly understand how our technology optimizes your site for revenue and user experience.