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Empowering websites and content creators within a single platform

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Monetization expansion. Access the highest level of competition

Ezoic = exposure

Sites get instantaneous visibility to the industry's most elite ad networks and ad exchanges, unlocking unparalleled growth

With Ezoic

1,000+ partners and bidders

Be confident knowing your site is consistently valued across the highest paying networks and header bidders

Without Ezoic

Uncertain demand and competition

Taking time and resources to pick a monetization model or partner is risky

Monetization meets smart tech. AI optimizes every site visit

With Ezoic: AI Optimizations

Machine learning automatically finds the best combinations and ad layouts for every single user, boosting overall revenue and user experience

Ezoic AI tech

Without Ezoic: Static Layouts

Showing the same ad layouts and giving the same experience to every visitor can lead to missed opportunities and disengaged visitors

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Integrations to add to your stack

Our fast-growing technology has allowed us to provide publishers with additional tools to grow their business faster than any other platform

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Pass Core Web Vitals with flying colors across all device types

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Target the right keywords and create valuable content to outrank competitors

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Video Sharing

Generate unique revenue and traffic streams through video sharing

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Video Creation

Convert written articles into engaging videos for your audience

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The AI powerhouse writer that generates content and auto-publishes

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Participate in the product testing program and help shape the future

Get Proven Results

Optimize Ads with AI

Earn more with less ads over time

Grow Site Traffic

Understand your audience better

Balance Revenue and UX

Receive the best of both worlds

Start exponentially growing your site with the right setup, tools and team