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The first SEO toolset to effectively link content creation strategies with measurable revenue,
empowering you to make informed decisions that drive financial results


Content guaranteed to rank, made easy. The AI-powered content creator for publishers to streamline and expedite their writing process.

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Topic Suggestions

Outrank your competitors by targeting the right keywords. Receive personalized weekly topics to write about that boost your site's authority.

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Page Booster

Track, analyze, and optimize pages losing traffic for better search visibility and improving search rankings.

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Page Title Optimization

Captivate your audience with captivating titles. Drive more traffic to your site with optimized titles.

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Site Health

Identify broken pages and prioritize fixes to maintain your audience.

Additive AI

Refresh and augment content to keep your site relevant to target audiences.

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Boost Revenue

Streamline your workflow and increase revenue with actionable SEO and content creation insights

Boost traffic

Effortlessly access market research and competitor analysis insights for improved rankings and site traffic

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Dominate search rankings
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Elevate your SEO strategy with the best features
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