Ezoic Edge: The Fastest Way To Load Pages. Period.


Tyler Bishop

Tyler Bishop

Ezoic Edge: The Fastest Way To Load Pages. Period.
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Ezoic Edge: Bringing The Fastest Page Load Speeds Currently Possible to Creators

Ezoic, a leader in enhancing web infrastructure for content creators and publishers, is excited to unveil Ezoic Edge, a revolutionary new product designed to push the boundaries of innovation.

How to be one of the first to use Edge:

In the coming weeks, we'll begin rolling out Ezoic Edge to those interested in taking advantage of it's blazing-fast load times and unique edge capabilities. If you'd like to try Ezoic Edge, you can raise your hand here to be one of the first.

What is Ezoic's Edge Network?

Ezoic Edge isn't just a step forward in web technology; it's a significant advancement to improve page loading times—a crucial factor for enhancing user experience and SEO rankings. With Ezoic Edge, we introduce the first-ever edge content network tailored for creators, delivering unparalleled speed and efficiency in content delivery.

What Does Ezoic's Edge Network Improve?

Ezoic Edge offers publishers the ultimate speed solution: lightning-fast page loading in a user-friendly, zero-configuration platform that is as simple to activate as flipping a switch. By harnessing the power of edge computing and the robust Ezoic Cloud® infrastructure, Ezoic Edge dramatically reduces Time To First Byte (TTFB) and First Contentful Paint (FCP), resulting in near-instantaneous page loading for visitors.

The average TTFB for sites using Ezoic Edge is less than 99 milliseconds (ms), compared to non-edge network sites where TTFB can be 1,200% higher, with delays up to 852ms [web.dev published research 2023]).

Similarly, First Contentful Paint (FCP) on one tested site decreased from 3,008ms to just 890ms, ensuring instant delivery of all content, including ads, to users.

Will All Sites On Edge Record These Blazingly Fast Speeds?

Yes. That was a major motivation of ours in creating it.

By delivering content from edge servers with pages, ads, and everything in-between preloaded, visitors enjoy lightning-fast loading times akin to a mobile app experience.

Realizing these benefits will be easy if you're integrated with Ezoic Cloud®. It's made to be zero-config, meaning that if you're integrated via our cloud, we'll take care of it, and you'll only need to adjust your preferences for Edge in the UI to get started.

Join the waitlist to get first access to Ezoic Edge.

What Makes An Edge Network Different?

The secret lies in edge computing. Unlike traditional content delivery networks (CDNs) that deliver content from a few centralized locations, edge computing brings content closer to the user by utilizing a network of servers strategically positioned around the globe. This proximity significantly reduces the distance data needs to travel, thereby decreasing loading times and improving overall site performance.

Ezoic Edge takes advantage of this cutting-edge technology, providing an exclusive edge content network designed with creators in mind. By processing requests and delivering content from the edge closest to the user, Ezoic Edge ensures a blazing-fast, seamless web experience for visitors worldwide.

Ads make the web slow, and the edge is the answer.

Ezoic Edge introduces technology similar to Cloudflare's APO product, adapting novel advancements for use in publisher and creator websites. Traditional edge network technology often falls short for content sites, especially those reliant on ad revenue.

This introduces a new era where publishers, often frustrated with legacy technologies in the programmatic ad ecosystem, can now serve fast-loading pages with ads.

Ezoic brings all-new machine-learning capabilities to the edge

A distinguishing feature of Ezoic Edge is our industry-leading implementation of specialized testing, personalization, and decision-making processes. These enable creators to cater to various ad demands, types, sizes, and locations based on individual visitor attributes. Through machine learning, we balance these factors alongside advertiser bid competition for each visitor. The result? An optimized outcome that prioritizes the best possible user experience while maximizing total revenue.

We pioneered this process using machine learning nearly a decade ago and have remained at the forefront ever since. Now, we're proud to lead the way again with edge computing, which we view as the inevitable future for much of the content currently hosted on legacy infrastructure in today's web.

Zero Configuration, Maximum Benefit

Recognizing the urgency for creators, Ezoic Edge will be accessible to both existing and new customers in the upcoming weeks.  If you want to speed up your site the first day it's available, join our waitlist to get access as soon as possible.

A Future For Creators That We Think Is Very Bright

As we stand at the brink of a new era in web innovation, Ezoic is committed to ensuring that our community of creators and publishers is not just prepared but positioned to lead the way. Ezoic Edge is a testament to this commitment, offering an essential tool for enhancing site speed and user experience at no cost to our users. This commitment to free access underscores our belief in democratizing technology and empowering creators.

To ensure you're at the forefront of this technological leap, we invite you to join the waitlist for Ezoic Edge. By signing up at ezoic.com/edge, you'll be among the first to access this transformative technology, staying ahead of the curve and primed for the future of web publishing.

In a time of constant change and digital disruption, Ezoic continues to lead the way, providing our community with the tools and technologies needed to thrive. Ezoic Edge is just the beginning. Join us on this exciting journey and redefine what's possible in web publishing.

Tyler Bishop

Written By: Tyler Bishop

Tyler has been a digital publisher for over 20 years and is the CMO of Ezoic. He has written articles on web trends and innovation for for the Harvard Business Review, ESPN, Forbes, and AdWeek. He's a popular industry speaker and partnered with Google in 2016 to start Pubtelligence; the first major publishing event held at Google offices.

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Ezoic Edge: The Fastest Way To Load Pages. Period.

Ezoic Edge: The Fastest Way To Load Pages. Period.

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