Ezoic Certified Technology Partners

Find technologies for any site

Ezoic was built to work with every CMS, host, and technology. Below are some that are performing the best for publishers on the platform.

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Hosts & CDNS

These hosting plans below have been vetted and verified to work well with Ezoic Edge and Leap *only for sites currently using Ezoic Monetization

Server Protection

Website Marketplaces

AI Tools

Wordpress Technology

These WordPress plugins and features have been identified as working without conflict and perform well with Ezoic Login > Speed > Leap Technologies Tab For More

WordPress Themes

All WordPress themes work the same with Ezoic; however, we’ve identified dozens of themes that are fast within Leap under the speed tab in the Ezoic dashboard

Note: While a theme may be fast, enabling or installing additional, or Premium features, often adds bulk to even the most lightweight themes

Don't see a technology listed?

Don’t worry; this isn’t a list of technologies Ezoic can or can work with. This is a list of those we have worked with or observed performing well for Ezoic customers. Ezoic is designed to work with all technologies.

Companies interested in being listed below can apply here