Everything you need to improve your website

Free & easy to use. Data driven results.

Increase Your Site's Revenue.

Use our tools to test hundreds of ad placements, combinations and colors on your site. We will automatically find the best performing ones. On average, websites using Ezoic earn 50%-200% more.

Don't want ads on your site? That's fine with us. We are user experience experts too!
Less than 4% of websites have properly tested ad placements and colors.

The average website works with only 2 ad networks. Ezoic partners with over 1,000.

Instant Mobile Support.

With no work required from you, we will optimize your website for mobile devices and tablets.

1 of of every 3 web site visits comes from a mobile phone or tablet.

Users are 79% more likely to leave a website that isn't optimized for mobile.

Users spend 45% more time on Ezoic optimzed mobile sites vs. the original.

Better for Your Users.

Our testing platform will test a wide variety of layouts, menus and designs to find the one that works the best for your website.

We measure success by tracking bounce rates, pageviews per visit and time spent on site.
User Experience is the single most important factor in search engine rankings.

On average, users on tablets spend twice as long on our scientifically improved sites.

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