How These New Sites Grew Traffic and Revenue With Ezoic Access Now

How These New Sites Grew Traffic and Revenue With Ezoic Access Now

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We released some big news today. Along with Leap being fully available to all Ezoic customers, we are also excited to announce that any website under 10,000 pageviews can now apply to our Access Now program. Access Now is a program Ezoic created to allow smaller (under 10,000 pageviews) publishers, bloggers, website owners, and niche experts access to Ezoic’s streamlined technology.

Originally, the pageview limit was in place because of scalability. Now, Ezoic is fulfilling its true vision — scaling our technology to make it available to all sites and educating publishers to confidently ditch third-party dependencies.

Ezoic Access Now takes publishers through an educational process about Ezoic, integration, and features so new publishers can effectively use all that Ezoic has to offer. Through Access Now, publishers achieve badges as they accomplish their courses, and those who acquire all three badges are entered into a raffle to win $100 at the end of each quarter.

Below, we have two publishers who began using Ezoic through Access Now. Keep reading to learn about their publishing journey and their traffic and revenue successes through participation in the Access Now program. Big Increases in Revenue and EPMV

Owuraku Kusi-Yeboah, or Kuu, began at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020. Kuu had owned two other websites before, but canceled the domains after 4-6 months, though still dreamed of owning an online affiliate business.

Though the site experienced technical difficulties with hosting, WordPress, set up, ads, and more, Kuu learned how to develop the website through many different YouTube videos.

To monetize the site, Kuu first used Amazon and Awin. However, Kuu wanted to find ways to supplement those services and increase the site’s revenue. This is when Kuu learned about Ezoic.

Through Ezoic’s Access Now program, Kuu was able to integrate with Ezoic before reaching 10,000 pageviews in June 2021.

“The Access Now Program allowed me to learn more about how ads work. It was interesting learning new concepts, such as EPMV,” said Kuu.

Within a month, the site’s revenue increased by 78% and within two months, had increased by 100%. Additionally,’s EPMV also increased. From month one to month two with Ezoic, the site’s EPMV grew 18%.

There is also more traffic to Kuu’s website; since joining Ezoic, visits have increased by 45%.

“Joining Ezoic has been the best decision I have ever made; their support team is awesome and my revenue has doubled,” said Kuu.

Kuu also uses Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics to better understand’s performance; with the data accumulated, Kuu can make informed decisions on content creation based on how particular content performs.

In the future, Kuu plans to build more websites and monetize them with Ezoic. More Visitors, Higher EPMV, and Revenue Growth was started by Pim Kempe in June 2020 during the COVID pandemic. Kempe saw starting a website as a way to make some extra money online while the world was shut down, though had never owned a website before.

Starting the website was initially difficult, as it was hard to stay motivated and English is not Kempe’s native language.

Originally, Kempe was just using Google AdSense to monetize Though it was easy to apply and set up, Kempe did not like the lack of support or customization and the lower payout rate.

Kempe wanted to find a better way to monetize and more in-depth analytics. In April 2021, Kempe began using Ezoic through Access Now.

“I liked that it was easy to access and all the necessary steps were simple to carry out. Additionally, the communication from Ezoic was very clear,” said Pim.

Immediately, EPMV and pageviews began to increase. In three months, pageviews increased by 68% and EPMV increased by 14%.

Most impressively,’s revenue has increased by 2,760% and monthly visits have increased by 419%.

Kempe also uses Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics and privacy products to dig deeper into the website. Using Big Data Analytics, Kempe finds common characteristics on pages with high EPMV and uses that information to strategize for new content.

“In some way, Access Now kept me motivated to improve my website. Especially with the Big Data Analytics tool, I could track the performance of the website,” said Pim. “Also, it helped me with the GDPR banner.”

How to Join Access Now

These publishers have joined the thousands of other new customers who have seen success through the Access Now program. Being part of the program takes dedication, but the results are well-worth the time invested.

If you’re interested in applying to the Access Now program, you can complete the quick application process today. We look forward to having you!

Whitney is a former journalist for numerous city-wide newspapers and online media sources and an accomplished digital and creative marketer. She has multiple years of digital publishing expertise and contributes regularly to all of Ezoic's content sources.

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