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The Best Ezoic Tools Featured in Content Month

The Best Ezoic Tools Featured in Content Month

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During Ezoic’s first-ever Content Month, we announced several new Ezoic tools and upgraded features to existing tools specifically created to help your site earn more revenue, get more traffic, and increase your authority and success. 

Ultimately, Ezoic isn’t just a tool to help you earn more advertisement revenue, it’s a full suite of website tools to directly address your website’s biggest and most important issues.

Each of these Ezoic tools are different, and it’s important to know what each tool does, how it helps your site, and the best strategies to start using it. 

1. Humix

Ezoic just launched one of our most exciting products yet  —  Humix. Despite it being brand-new, we’re already seeing some incredible results from publishers who have begun using this tool for their site.

In short, Humix is our global video network that allows publishers like you to increase traffic and revenue through displaying network videos on your site, as well as allowing you to share your own videos across other publisher sites. This Ezoic tool a direct response to the overwhelmingly popularity of video across the internet, and yet another tool publishers can use from Ezoic’s full suite of website tools made specifically to help you build a more successful site.

We’ve created several resources, trainings, and videos on what Humix is, and you can see more of those resources through this live training or technical walkthrough

2. Broken Links Tool

Ezoic’s Broken Links Tool was first announced during Content Month, and it’s something we’re really proud of. Essentially, this tool scans your site and constantly assesses whether all the links work or not. It even prioritizes broken links with more traffic, so you’re alerted as soon as possible about any bugs or broken links that need to be fixed!

You might not think your site has any broken links, but as any long-time publisher can tell you, things break without you even realizing it. 

You can read much more in-depth about the Broken Links Tool here, but here are some of the most common broken links errors (and their impact on your site):

Common causes for 4xx errors could be:

  • An unavailable page
  • Unauthorized user credentials
  • Invalid request parameters
  • Request method is not supported/allowed

Consequences for having 4xx-level errors can include:

  • Impact on organic traffic to the page
  • Page index is removed in search results (harder to re-index)
  • Lower ranking in search engines when multiple 4xx client errors are detected
  • Reduced trust in your site by visitors (it feels sloppy)

Ezoic helps publishers by doing a lot of the hard work behind the scenes; it can be exhausting constantly monitoring every page of your site to make sure it’s all working. Use the Broken Links Tool to help make sure your whole site is performing well for your audience. Go check out the Broken Links tool in the SEO tab of your Ezoic dashboard now.

3. Tag Tester

Ezoic had a whole week of Content Month devoted just to SEO, and we could’ve probably talked all month about it. There’s so much to know about SEO, and how the changing Google updates can affect your site and impact your earnings

That’s why we’ve been working to make our existing Tag Tester Tool even better. If you haven’t used the tool yet, you can read a full breakdown of the tool here and how it can help your site. But we’ve added on some new features and built out functionality even more, making it as easy as possible to run tests to determine the best SEO-friendly tags to use for your site. 

It not only helps you organize and implement a stronger SEO strategy for your site, it can help impact nearly every important metric of your site’s well being: page views, bounce rate, session count, ranking, and more:

If you haven’t implemented Tag Tester in your site, you should absolutely consider using this tool to help your site grow. 

4. Custom CSS Ad Banner

One of Ezoic’s tools launched for the first time ever is our brand new Custom CSS Ad Banner tool

Often, the next level of your site’s success determines on how unique it is  —  the style, content, brand, and tone. Every niche has literally thousands (perhaps millions) of similar sites, and in order to stand out and attract consistent reliable traffic, you need to take your unique identity seriously.

Ezoic tools like this ad banner help your site’s ads to appear as customizable and user-friendly as possible, but our new Custom CSS Ad Banner goes a step further, helping your ads stand out in completely new ways. You can style your ads like never before; simply use Ezoic’s Chrome Extension to make the responsive containers around ad placeholders that match the colors, style, and aesthetic of your site and brand. 

Ezoic will only load the containers when a user is served an ad from that placeholder location and since it’s responsive you never have to worry about setting width or height. It’s another useful way to make your site stand out, helping your ads appear more high-quality, unique, and appealing to users.

In Conclusion

Ezoic started out as a world-class AI machine learning tool for publishers to maximize advertisement revenue. But over the past several years, we’ve evolved into a full suite of website tools designed to assist you with every step of the process to building a fantastic, profitable site  —  and we’re only going to give you more tools to help in the future.

All of the Ezoic tools above can dramatically help you improve your site, attract more traffic, earn more revenue, and ultimately make your site as profitable, sustainable, and successful as possible. 

Which tool are you most excited for? We’re always looking for feedback on how we can make Ezoic your #1 most useful tool for website growth!

Anthony Moore is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and has gained over 7 million views for his work on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and productivity.

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