Content Month Week 2

August 8th to August 12th

Content Month Week 2



How to Own Your Videos and Improve SEO Blog

How to Own Your Videos and Improve SEO

Ezoic’s Video Player allows publishers to host their own videos and test locations so that their videos are only showing in places that will improve SEO and ad revenue, and provide better options for video indexing and search engines.

Quick SEO Wins

Quick SEO Wins That You Can Apply Today

In Search Engine Optimization there are a varying number of strategies website owners can take to improve their rankings. Read SEO Specialist Robert Karow’s takes on SEO today and apply his strategies to your site to see increases in traffic today!

Barry Schwartz Webinar
Live Webinar

Ask-Me-Anything With Barry Schwartz

Join Barry Schwartz, Executive Editor of Search Engine Roundtable and News Editor of Search Engine Land, in this live Ask-Me-Anything.

Aug 9, 2022 at 10:00 AM PST

Ezoic SEO Ebook

E-Book: SEO Guide By Anthony Moore

This nifty eBook explains some of the most important SEO fundamentals including basic/advanced strategies, on-site and off-page SEO, and keyword practices to attract as much organic traffic through SEO as possible.

Expert Discussion Week 2 Webinar
Live Webinar

Real Life Experience with SEO and Building a Brand – Live Panel

Join experts Doug Cunnington, Miles Beckler, Matt Giovanisci & Ezoic’s own Tyler Bishop as they discuss SEO, brand building, content creation, amongst other real life experiences in digital publishing and entrepreneurship.

Aug 10, 2022 at 10:00 AM PST

Top SEO Tools

Top SEO Tools You Need And Why

Check out this quick guide on the helpful SEO tools you should have in your arsenal and what they can do for you.

Product and Feature Announcements

Introducing Ezoic’s new Broken Links tool

The newest SEO tool for Ezoic publishers is made to ensure their pages take visitors exactly where they want to go. 

​​A better site will yield better rankings and more traffic. This in turn contributes to better monetization and more revenue for the publisher.

Read more about the Broken Links tool in our latest blog and start using the new feature today!

Tag Tester 2.0 is here, now with 5 simultaneous tests for free this week

Tag Tester 2.0 is an invaluable SEO resource that can be used to increase your traffic and revenue. Now, you can test descriptions in addition to tags/meta tags.

With this, you can A/B test even better than before – simply plug in a couple of different options for titles, tags, and descriptions, and Ezoic’s Tag Tester tool will take care of the rest. 

Log on now and get 5 free simultaneous tests when you start them this week.

Week 2 Sweepstakes Winner

Jill J.

Access Now Ezoic Publisher

Sweepstakes Winner

10,000-word content package from hands off publishing

Additional winners of surprise giveaways include:

Susan S.

Access Now Ezoic Publisher

Surprise Giveaway Content Package Winner

Robert S.

Level 3 Ezoic Publisher

Swag Winner

Rebecca L.

Access Now Ezoic Publisher

Swag Winner

Darren G.

Level 2 Ezoic Publisher

Swag Winner

Rajesh N.

Level 3 Ezoic Publisher

Swag Winner

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