Custom CSS Ad Wrapper

Custom CSS Ad Wrapper

Style your ads like never before

Ever wanted ads framed on your site like they are on The Washington Post or Complex? Ad size, location, and density are easily optimized for each reader by Ezoic for UX and revenue… but what about STYLE?

If you’re a meticulous designer, sometimes you just want things pixel perfect. With this release and documentation, site design and style can adapt the way your ads do.

Use Ezoic’s Chrome Extension — or our advanced documentation for even greater control — to make the responsive containers around ad placeholders that match the colors, style, and aesthetic of your site. Ezoic will only load the containers when a user is served an ad from that placeholder location and since it’s responsive you never have to worry about setting width or height.

Custom CSS Ad Wrapper

Content Month Week 3

//Add to site or page css file//

.fancy_ad {
   line-width: "2px"
   line_color: "black"
   container-size: "response"

//add this container with placeholder code to style ads//

<div class="fancy_ad">