5 Tips to Get You to the Next “Level” with Ezoic


Since we launched Ezoic Levels just over a month ago, we have seen hundreds publishers move up to the next level. Levels have created more transparency in what offerings and assistance change as levels increase, and it has been exciting to watch our publishers steadily grow with the goal of leveling up.

As publishers level up, they have more and more resources available to them. More ad partners, more assistance in setup, and more opportunities for revenue. 

With this in mind, we wanted to give some tips on how to “level up” more quickly, to help you get more of the benefits that come with higher levels as soon as you can.

There are a number of ways to level up, but ultimately it comes down to your monthly revenue and monthly visits. A great way to increase both is to use the tools we offer to boost your site performance, user experience, and more. Below are five proven ways to help you level up faster:

  1. Join Level-Up Learning
  2. Host video on your own website
  3. Attend more live webinars
  4. Use Ezoic Leap on your website
  5. Use new monetization features (spoiler alert: new one coming soon!)

1. Join Level-Up Learning

We created Level-Up Learning with the purpose of educating our publishers to earn more revenue and gain more traffic so they can level up more quickly. 

Level-Up Learning picks themes for education that almost all sites could improve on and brings in experts to talk about them, as well as creates activities that guide the publisher through a hands-on improvement process. 

Themes could range from optimizing placeholders to digging into your Big Data Analytics to find what content is performing best.

Think of Level-Up Learning like a free crash-course that encourages you to learn as you go, and rewards you (with real money) for your progress and participation. If you’ve been itching for a group to learn with, and more people to ask questions as you go, this is where you should go. 

Our first Level-Up Learning course launched Oct. 4, and so far we have completed 10 webinars, admitted over 900 publishers and have sent out 13 spark grants. The next course begins Nov. 1. You can reserve your space now inside your Levels dashboard.

2. Host video on your own website

By hosting video with third parties, many publishers are leaving money on the table. Using Ezoic’s Video Player on your website is a quick way to not only get more traffic and video views, but also maximize your ad revenue.

Videos you post on your own website with Ezoic’s Video Player will be indexed in search results, but you will be the one getting the money for the views, not the third party.

When you publish a video to your own site, you can earn money directly from advertisers competing for your ad space, eliminating the middleman. These video placeholders are also powered by artificial intelligence, so you can ensure you are earning more and more revenue as you go. 

Check out more about what it can do in this recent blog.

By using video on your site you can significantly increase traffic, which could result in advancing levels even faster with Ezoic.

3. Attend more live webinars

The digital publishing world is complicated. One thing we focus on at Ezoic is educating our customers to crush their goals. As such, we have weekly webinars focused on a variety of different digital publishing topics. (You can find them all listed here.)

We have a variety of webinars that happen all the time. Each week, we have our Weekly Walk-Thru presented by our Publisher Success Management team. These are completely free and open to all publishers. (Invites are sent via email.) But we host other webinars here and there as well, with expert knowledge and topics. 

These are quick and easy ways to get questions answered in a live format and have someone break down a topic that has been difficult for you to conquer on your own. All of these will have beneficial information on building your website, gaining more traffic and taking full advantage of Ezoic, which will only lead you to leveling up sooner.

To stay up to date for upcoming webinars, check your email regularly and follow our social media. (Instagram, Facebook and Twitter especially!)

To watch the previous webinars, check out our YouTube channel — there are some real knowledge treasures in there!

4. Use Ezoic Leap on your website

It’s more than likely that there are certain technologies or plugins on your website that are impacting your ability to gain more visitors and more revenue, and therefore keeping you from leveling up. Think of Leap like a doctor’s visit that examines every aspect of your site, finds what’s not working, makes suggestions on how to fix it and has results to show for it at the end (raising Core Web Vitals scores).

There is literally no other tool like it. Leap has single handedly taken publishers’ Core Web Vitals scores from failing to in the “green zone” of high 90s or even a perfect 100. 

We did the research and found that the average site is able to remove 3.5 “optimization” features, technologies, or plugins, saving them $250 per year when using Leap, which is a free tool.

While Leap is generally understood as a tool to help improve site speed and UX, it does much more than that. By improving these aspects of your site, you open it up to far more revenue and traffic potential.

5. Use new monetization features (spoiler alert: new one coming soon!)

This last tip is a general one, because there are many monetization features, and we make it a goal of ours to roll out more and more tools to help you improve your site. 

The way our team works is by constantly staying up to date with trends in digital publishing, in Google’s changes and in the online ecosystem in general. With that in mind, when we come out with a new feature, it is because we know it will help your site.

We’ve recently rolled out the Ad Tester addition to the Ezoic plugin. But we’re not done — more features will be rolled out soon. Like, really soon. If you’re currently assigned a level, more information will be available next week. For all new customers, be sure to sign up for Ezoic to take advantage of all the new features available now and in the (near) future. 

Time to Level Up

Now that you understand what’s available to you to level up faster, it’s time to get started. There’s a lot of information out there, but hopefully this list helps you to narrow down areas to focus on if you’re looking to climb the level ladder faster, and of course learn important skills along the way. 

We’ve compiled some helpful blogs here to assist you in navigating Ezoic Levels, Level-Up Learning, and other educational resources that are useful when you’re ready to start growing your traffic and revenue.

Check them out:


By Linden O'Brien Williams

Linden is a former journalism graduate of the University of Missouri turned social media and content marketer. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French and is responsible for Ezoic social marketing strategies.