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Fast FactsLeap = Free 

1.) Ezoic is replacing the Site Speed Accelerator with Ezoic Leap prior to the Google UX Update

2.) Ezoic Leap will be completely free when using Ezoic Monetization (Ad Tester)

3.) Ezoic Leap includes all features and tools needed to achieve Good Core Web Vitals

4.) Leap is a NEW toolset to uncover and fix the root cause of poor load times

5.) Ezoic will provide data on how various technologies and hosts affect all sites

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Ezoic Leap Is A Website Performance Toolset

Use These Tools To Diagnose, Optimize, and Solve Website Performance Issues
core web vitals ezoic leap

Core Web Vitals

Eliminate Guessing. Remove the complexity of addressing the root causes of poor Core Web Vitals metrics using Ezoic Leaps actionable diagnostic tools.
ezoic website performance

Website Speed

Optimize everything from code to content using Leap’s features designed to eliminate the need for costly, 3rd-party technology and plugins.
server response time

Server Response Time

Allow visitors to load pages instantly by understanding and aligning hosting, CDNs, and caching to provide a lighting fast experience to readers.

All-In-One Website Performance Toolset

Leap provides everything from optimization features to diagnostics so that websites can address the cause of poor website performance.

  • Optimize code, ads, server response, and media
  • Personalized actions to take with your host or CDN
  • Compare your site to fast sites using Ezoic
  • Visually identify where Core Web Vitals can be improved
  • See actions to take at the root cause of poor metrics
  • Evaluate hosts and technologies Leap is tracking on all sites
ezoic leap

Gain Access to Ezoic Leap

Join the waitlist below to get first-access to Leap when it’s available for your site and get updates on when new features are available that may benefit your website.

Please, view Ezoic’s Terms & Conditions here.

Quick FAQ For Ezoic Leap

Below are answers to questions that will help publishers plan for Ezoic Leap.

Leap will be ready and available for all sites to use prior to Google’s Page Experience update.

Will sites have to pay to access any Leap features?

No. Ezoic Leap will be free to Ezoic Monetization users. Sites using Leap that ARE NOT showing ads from Ezoic’s Ad Tester can use Leap free for up to 500,000 pageviews.

What will happen to Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator?

We are replacing the Site Speed Accelerator with Leap when Leap launches.

What will happen to sites using the Site Speed Accelerator?

Any and all features available inside the Site Speed Accelerator will be available and enhanced, so any sites using these features will automatically have Leap enabled for them with applicable features turned on for them.

What will happen to those using paid Site Speed Accelerator+ features?

Sites using paid “+” features will no longer need to pay when Leap launches and will simply have reoccurring charges canceled. Any customers paying annually will be offered a prorated refund, or the option to be credited for new products or services in the future. Any “+” features used will be turned on when Leap is launched.

How will Ezoic Leap be different from the Site Speed Accelerator?

Leap is designed to help publishers get passing Core Web Vitals and better website performance metrics. While previous speed technology available from Ezoic focused on features that allowed sites fast load times and scores, we found websites needed direction, insight, and help taking action as badly as they needed these features.

Leap is an entire toolset built to identify what is causing poor performance metrics and load times and deliver both the technology and information to improve it.

Leap will allow sites to compare their speeds and technologies to fast sites using Ezoic, and will provide data on everything from hosts to CMS technologies that will allow sites to identify potentially faster alternatives.