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How Ezoic’s New Level-Up Learning Program Works to Excel Publisher Growth

How Ezoic’s New Level-Up Learning Program Works to Excel Publisher Growth

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As many of you have heard, we recently announced Levels, which will change how customers interact with Ezoic by providing more opportunities for growth throughout every stage of a customers’ business. While Levels help classify customers into their appropriate “level” based on monthly revenue and site visits, there is further opportunity to accelerate with our new, optional Level-Up Learning program.

Level-Up Learning is a four-week program publishers can enroll in to advance site growth with Ezoic. The first program begins on October 4. If you miss next week’s deadline to enroll (located in your Level dashboard), you can join the next round in November; classes start at the beginning of each month. Each week, Level-Up Learning courses focus on a particular area of growth, like SEO, content, and revenue strategies. This optional program is designed to help publishers grow their sites at an accelerated rate by providing access to invaluable information. While it is not a guarantee that you will advance levels just by enrolling in Level-Up Learning, you can utilize resources to help grow your site, and take advantage of additional opportunities to apply for spark grants.

Our recent blog about Levels details some key benefits of the Level-Up Learning program, but there is still more to unlock about how it can help you and your site. Read along for more insight into tangible ways the program can help you.

  1. Get expert course material for free
  2. Find a publishing community that helps you
  3. Gain access to grant money for your site

1. Get expert course material for free

Perhaps the most remarkable part of Level-Up Learning is the quantity (and quality) of course material that will be available to you. 

Each week, there will be an overarching theme for the course content. These themes were selected specifically, with careful consideration of what our publishers want to learn about and what will help them grow faster and more efficiently. Each theme will also have a carefully crafted learning objective, with specific tasks to make sure that when you complete the course, you will have learned something new. 

A good course is also nothing without a good teacher. One thing we’re excited about is the huge variety of experts coming in on these topics.

Level-Up Learning participants will hear from…

  • Ezoic leaders
  • Publishing experts outside of Ezoic
  • SEO professionals
  • Website owners with 5+ websites

…and more!

There are plenty of resources online for content less detailed than this that charge you a fortune to access. Level-Up Learning will be totally free for Ezoic customers.

2. Find a publishing community that helps you

Sometimes, it seems like online publishing is a game with moving goalposts. One thing we’ve observed through various online communities (like our new support community, or the Ezoic Publishers Facebook Group) is that there is so much knowledge to be gained from others in your same boat. 

In Level-Up Learning, you’ll get to connect with other publishers taking the course throughout the month you’re enrolled, and afterward as alumni. Each member of Level-Up Learning will be invited to join our Discord community, where they can join the hundreds of other publishers learning and growing with Ezoic at the same time, and also have direct access to experts in every channel currently available.

The addition of the community will let you learn and discuss the impact of strategies together with other Ezoic publishers. This is a perfect opportunity to see what others have done successfully or discover new emerging techniques that might be helpful for your own business.

Members of all levels will be in each class, so there will be plenty of opportunities to learn, mentor, and grow.

3. Gain access to grant money for your site

The news of Customer Week was preceded by our big announcement of us investing $12.4 million directly into our publishers. One of the many ways they can gain access to that money is through Level-Up Learning. 

While it isn’t guaranteed that all program members will receive a grant, application-based Spark Grants are available to publishers participating in Level-Up Learning. This means that those enrolled in the program have an even greater opportunity to receive funding to put towards their business.

Get started

Let’s put it simply: there’s absolutely nothing to lose. Level-Up Learning is a totally free program that gives publishers access to resources nobody else on the internet is offering. There are no penalties for leaving, it’s totally optional to join and it is available to all Ezoic publishers once they reach Level 1. 

For more information on Levels and Level-Up Learning, check out the following links. Do not forget to sign up for the first class, starting October 4.

Linden is a former journalism graduate of the University of Missouri turned social media and content marketer. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French and is responsible for Ezoic social marketing strategies.