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The Newest Updates to Ad Tester

The Newest Updates to Ad Tester

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Your favorite Ezoic tool has seen some upgrades in recent months, some of which you may have noticed and others that probably flew under your radar. We are constantly working to make our products better, but we would like to highlight some specific updates. Below, you’ll get a brief overview of the most recent updates to our award-winning product, Ad Tester.

Publishers can now opt to only display anchor ads

If you’re newer to digital publishing, anchor ads are the ads at the bottom of a page that remain in place as you scroll. These types of ads tend to make the most money, so many publishers utilize them on their websites.

Previously, publishers couldn’t show anchor ads without also showing other Ezoic, in-content ads on their website. Now, the option to just use an anchor ad is available. This might be useful for something like a recipe site, where there is a lot of scrolling and content, followed by the most important part: ingredients and instructions.

Publishers can now adjust the Y-axis in the EPMV graph

If you go to your publisher dashboard, scroll down to Ad Partner Estimated Earnings, and click View Earnings Report, an earnings graph will appear. In the upper right-hand corner, there is a magnifying glass with a plus sign inside. If you click on it and then click and drag on the graph, it will zoom in on a specific section for closer inspection. The tool is still being worked on (as are most of our tools) so functionality should improve soon.

New checkbox to disable all AI placeholders for a page, subdomain, or directory

Before, publishers used to have to block AI placeholders individually by adding a rule for each type of placeholder location because AI placeholders were added automatically. Now, Ezoic has made it easy to disable all AI placeholders with a simple checkbox.

Apply placeholder templates to multiple placeholders at once

Ever make a placeholder template and wish you could apply it to multiple placeholders? Wait no longer! Now, you can make a placeholder template and use it for any placeholders, all at once.

In your dash in the Monetization tab, there is the Ad Template Builder under your website’s placeholders. There, you can create a new template with various ad styles, sizes, and rules, and then apply that template to different placeholders, all at once.

WordPress plugin and category pages

Our WordPress plugin has an update for putting ads on category pages. Previously, ad placeholders wouldn’t work on category pages because we didn’t have the configuration for them. Now, we have the ability to position ads on your category pages as well.

Coming soon!

We’re always making improvements to Ad Tester, and we have some exciting new developments around the corner for Ad Tester to keep a lookout for.

Meta tag editor

Using meta tags is important because it is often the first impression someone has of your site, so it’s important that they make sense and are of quality. Often, publishers will get a plugin to help with this, or have to edit their site themes, which can be difficult.

Something we are excited to announce is that publishers will soon have the ability to add arbitrary meta tags to pages on their site from within the Ezoic WordPress plugin. That’s one less plugin for you to worry about.

Key/value rules UI update

The Key Value app is a useful tool for ad campaign targeting. Soon, it is going to have some design changes that will make it easier than ever to use and understand.

Standalone analytics

Currently, Big Data Analytics isn’t available as a product by itself. We’re currently working on making Big Data Analytics open to everyone, regardless if they’re using another Ezoic product.

Stay tuned for more

We’re always improving our products and releasing new features, so make sure and keep tabs on us. There’s also more content coming your way! We just kicked off Content Month, a month-long event dedicated to giving publishers valuable informations, tools, and strategies to improve their online business.

Each week is dedicated to a different topic and includes blog posts, emails, webinars, videos, product releases, e-books, and downloadable infographics. Additionally, we’re hosting sweepstakes for our publishers in the United States and there are prizes that anyone across the globe can win. To learn more about Content Month, visit our website. You can look at the upcoming webinars and sign up here.

Week 1: Monetizing Content

Week 2: SEO

Week 3: Email and Social Media

Week 4: Video

Whitney is a former journalist for numerous city-wide newspapers and online media sources and an accomplished digital and creative marketer. She has multiple years of digital publishing expertise and contributes regularly to all of Ezoic's content sources.

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