Improve UX & Increase Revenue

Ad Tester

Ad Tester uses real artificial intelligence to increase ad earnings and improve visitor experiences. You control the experiments and Ezoic streamlines how ad partners, density, types, and locations are delivered to each visitor.

  • Average Revenue Increases by 50% +
Improve UX & Increase Revenue

Ad Tester

Ad Tester uses real artificial intelligence to increase ad earnings and improve visitor experiences. You control the experiments and Ezoic streamlines how ad partners, density, types, and locations are delivered to each visitor.

  • Average Revenue Increases by 50% +

Intelligent Ad Testing

Ezoic tests ads by density, location, and type on segments of visitors and adapts with user behavior changes. The system learns how different visitors respond to different ad combinations while giving websites complete control over what is tested.

Learn more about why you should always automate ad testing.


A better User experience

Automatically perform advanced multivariate testing by simply dragging and dropping ad placeholders onto a website. From there, Ezoic will learn to provide the best results and show ads in the best places to every type of visitor.

Learn more about improving UX to increase revenue.


Increased Revenue

Ezoic learns from results automatically then makes intelligent decisions on how to display ads to each visitor. This increases ad revenue, improves UX, and causes advertisers to bid higher over time because of the improved website engagement.

Learn more about placing ads that increase value. 

The Most powerful way to deliver ads

Ad Tester is always optimizing

Years of analysis and study show that Ad Tester’s intelligence optimizes in ways that no human possibly could by personalizing every test and every experience. This allows websites to extend visitor sessions, increase earnings per thousand visitors (EPMV), and forces advertisers to bid more for ad space.

Understand how you can how Ad Tester optimizes UX and revenue at the same time.

Sites using Ad Tester

ad demand sources

Ad combinations


Avg. Increase in revenue

In 2016, Ezoic’s Ad Tester won the Google Business Innovation Award for its significant impact on publisher revenue.

Check out the increase in revenue on this Ad Tester Case Study. 

How to make more money with AdSense
another Ad tester Success story

How ezoic increased ad revenue

In three months, TheWindowsClub saw major progress in visits, page views, engaged page views, bounce rate, revenue, and EPMV. View’s full case study.

“I love the control you have over ads and ad placements, and the results have been fantastic. I should have switched to Ezoic much sooner I never knew that there could be immense earning potential.” – Ananh Khanse, Founder and CEO of


Increase in Ad Revenue


more engaged pageviews


EPMV growth in 3 months

More Competition, Higher ad earnings.

Increase ad Rates using data science

Ad Tester works with any existing ad networks, ad exchanges, native ads, header bidding partners, and provides access to 1,000+ more ad demand sources through our platform (including Google AdX — which sites can access instantly).

A feature we call Mediation enables sites to link existing ad partners (including AdSense) to compete with bidding partners on Ezoic. More competition means higher ad rates.

Sophisticated, Yet easy-to-use

Drag-and-drop ad testing

Ezoic was built to make website success easier. Dragging and dropping placeholders on your site is easy with our Google Chrome extension. It was designed to make testing ad locations and adding premium ad partners easy. 

With Ezoic, anyone can implement sophisticated ad demand, ad testing, and personalization on their site using real machine learning.


every visitor gets a unique experience

Endless Experiments, Limitless Growth

Ezoic allows websites to automate multivariate ad testing and run endless experiments that drive real ad revenue growth and more positive visitor experiences. 

Every visitor will see a slightly different combination of ad sizes, colors, density, and placements. Ezoic learns what every kind of visitor prefers and which combinations deliver the most revenue. It then customizes every visit to better optimize to the goals that websites want to set (focus on UX, revenue, and more).  

Sign-up and get started.

No Risk, No contracts.

The only way to see the impact of Ad Tester is to test it. Testing takes time but you can start today. Simply create an account and begin configuring your site to your preferences. Ad Tester allows you to split-test traffic by device to see how Ad Tester is actually increasing revenue.

Ad Tester Frequently Asked Questions 

Will my website Visitors see a lot of ads?

No. Ad Tester will only test what you tell it to. Then, the rest is based on Ezoic learning what users prefer most and what earns the most revenue. The number of ads a visitor sees is unique to each visitor’s behavior. Ad Tester is 100% driven by engagement metrics like bounce rate, session duration, and page views per visit —‘learning’ how to show ads in locations that make you money but don’t detract from user experience.  

This data provides accuracy in determining how users feel about the number/size/style of ads that they see. Ad Tester strikes a perfect balance between improved UX and increased revenue. More on why this is here.

How much control will I have over my site when I use ad tester?

100%—you’ll have as much control over ad as you have now. Ezoic just allows you to scale thousands of decisions at once based on learning which ads to show where according to device type, traffic source, landing page, geographic location, time of day and more.

Only ad locations and configurations will change when using Ad Tester, based on placeholders that you can set.  You can toggle Ezoic ON or OFF for all devices and set the percentage of users who get to see new ad configurations. Ads are controlled on an individual page level & site-wide, giving you flexibility to exclude certain ad spots and certain pages from testing.

There is no contract or minimum term commitment, so you can stay or leave at any time. Plus, we’re here every step of the way with 24/7 support and a hub of articles to educate you.

Does Ezoic manage ads and monetization for publishers?

We are NOT an outsourced service provider, but we do provide an end to end platform that includes simple controls for our publishers to easily streamline the setup and implementation of world-class ad operations with complete transparency on their site. Publishers can do as little as drag and drop potential ad placements on their site and Ezoic will use its powerful A.I. to increase revenue, balance visitor experiences, and improve overall performance.

Ezoic is a platform that empowers publishers to control and manage as much or as a little as they would like. This includes things like ad placements, ad partners, monetization methods, and sophisticated testing and optimization.

 For more advanced publishers with ad ops teams or hands-on approaches to ad management and optimization, Ezoic provides in-depth analytics, controls, and tools to perform advanced multivariate testing and visitor segmentation. You can also customize and integrate your existing ad partners, ad server accounts, or direct deals into Ezoic’s platform to further streamline how you use data to increase the revenue of your site and improve the value of programmatic ad rates.

Lastly, we provide exceptional support and account management so that our publishers are never left on their own. Members of our team can always guide you or provide assistance to help you achieve your goals with our platform. Contact with any questions or concerns.