Ad Tester

Increase Ad Revenue & Improve UX.

Ad Tester uses real artificial intelligence to increase ad earnings & improve visitor experiences. You control the experiments and Ezoic streamlines how ad partners, density, types, and locations are delivered to each visitor.

ad tester - ad testing
ezoic testing ads to increase revenue

INTElligent ad testing.

Automatically perform advanced multivariate testing. Simply drag and drop ad placeholders onto a website and Ezoic will learn to provide the best results to every type of visitor.

A BEtTER Experience
For every Visitor.

Ezoic tests ads by density, location, and type on different segments of visitors while adapting to how user behavior changes. The system uses machine learning to understand how different visitors respond to different ad combinations—always delivering a better experience.

website ad testing for increased ad earnings
increase adsense ad optimizations

Increase Ad Revenue Using Data Science.

Ezoic learns from results automatically then makes intelligent decisions on how to display ads to each visitor. This increases ad revenue, improves UX, and causes advertisers to bid higher over time because of the improved website engagement.

Ezoic is Always optimizing

Ezoic constantly optimizes for engagement metrics like bounce rate, engagement time, and pageviews per visit. This allows websites to extend visitor sessions, increase earnings per thousand visitors (EPMV), and forces advertisers to bid more for ad space.

ad optimization ad testing

the most proven way to test ads. 

Study after study confirms that Ezoic’s intelligence can improve user experience and revenue for every site on the web. Ad Tester won the Google Business Innovation Award for its exponential impact on publisher revenue. 

test and optimize website ads

Higher AD RATES.

Ad Tester works with any existing ad networks, ad exchanges, native ads, header bidding partners, and provides access to 1,000+ more ad demand sources through our platform.

A feature we call Mediation enables sites to link existing ad partners (including AdSense) to compete with bidding partners on Ezoic. More competition means higher ad rates.

test display ads and banner ads

sign-up and start now

The only way to see the impact of Ad Tester is to test it. Testing takes time but you can start today. Simply create an account and begin configuring your site to your preferences. Ad Tester allows you to split-test traffic by device to see how Ad Tester is actually increasing revenue.

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