Ads In Depth

Learn how and why publishers generate the most revenue with EzoicAds

Machine LearningHow our technology works on your site


The Data Collection

Analysis of site traffic and user patterns starts after integration

The Testing Period

Our system constantly learns the best ad dimensions and types

The Optimized Setup

Your site shows unique ad layouts for all of your visitors

Transparency in Monetization

see for yourself

EzoicAds offers split-testing and total control for all publishers. Working seamlessly with top ad networks, optimizing ad value for every variable is now possible

Device Type

Desktop ads below images attract higher bids due to load visibility, while laptop top-page ads garner more bids. Ezoic optimizes ad sizes for maximum revenue.

Ads by Location

Visitor's Location

In the USA, 300×250 ads are popular, while 250×360 leads in Sweden. Ezoic adjusts ad sizes for optimal revenue or user experience based on site preferences.

Ads by Country

Ad Dilution

Publishers prioritize top billboard CPMs but miss their impact on other ads. Leaderboards with fewer ads can boost revenue. Ezoic optimizes for the best ad mix on the page.

Ads by Devices

Review our ad types to see how all of the ads will work in action

Complete your ad suite

Advanced Analytics
Take data analysis to the next level with our Big Data Analytics tools
Ezoic welcomes mediation partners in the ad stacks so you earn more
Direct Ads
Set up and manage your own direct deals with advertisers within the app

Fewer and smarter ads, means more money

Let machine learning do the heavy lifting and
generate more revenue than ever before