Ad Tester

Ad Tester Uses Artificial Intelligence To Automatically Increase Ad Earnings
& Improve Visitor Experiences

Automate Advanced Ad Testing 

Testing display ads on your website can result in major improvements in ad earnings and visitor experiences. Unfortunately, it is difficult to do properly on every page for every type of visitor segment.

Ezoic’s Ad Tester app simplifies this testing. Ad Tester uses A.I. to automatically test ads on every type of visitor and every page. Publishers simply drag and drop testing placeholders onto their website and then Ezoic will learn which placeholders provide the best results and deliver every visitor the optimal combination. 

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Easily Improve User Experience & Revenue

Personalizing ad combinations to each website visitor can have a dramatic effect on bounce rate, time on site, and pageviews per visit. This allows publishers to extend user sessions and increase earnings per thousand visitors (EPMV).

Ezoic leverages machine learning to constantly measure and adapt to how user behavior is changing. The testing never ends. Ezoic will continue to test and deliver ads that perform best over time. This results in significant uplifts in ad earnings over time.

Ad Tester allows users to control where ads will potentially show, and tests where available ad types, colors, locations, sizes, and density are optimal for each website visitor.

Personalization Improves Performance

Ezoic allows you to easily drag and drop potential ad locations onto your website using our Chrome Extension.

Ezoic then tests ads by density, location, and type on different segments of visitors. The system uses machine learning to understand how different visitors respond to different combinations of ads.

As Ezoic learns, it personalizes every visit to maximize both ad earnings and the visitor’s experience on your site. Each visitor will see something different; based on how Ezoic knows they will respond. All you have to do is set the testing locations and you’re done.

Ezoic is an essential tool for our business. It helps us focus on what’s important and has made us a smarter company. They have been a true partner and a key ingredient to our financial growth.

Amanda Nachman

CEO/ Founder, College Magazine

Ezoic Is Intelligent About Revenue

Ezoic’s Ad Tester app learns from results automatically then uses the data collected to make smart decisions on a per visitor basis.

Ezoic optimizes your site to achieve both higher ad earnings and visitor experience goals at the same time.

Ezoic doesn’t optimize towards CPMs which can often harm long-term revenue. Ezoic focuses on total visitor revenue by maximizing EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors); which looks at site revenue on a per session basis.

In the example provided, you can see how optimizing session revenue will help websites produce more total revenue than optimizing for CPMs or RPMs (which often result in net losses of revenue).

Scenario One

Page eCPM: $10.00

Pageviews per visit: 1.5

10,000 visits * 1.5 pv/visit

= 15,000 pageviews

15,000 pageviews * $10.00 ecpm

= $150.00 income

Scenario Two

Page eCPM: $8.00

Pageviews per visit: 2.5

10,000 visits * 2.5 pv/visit

= 25,000 pageviews

25,000 pageviews * $8.00 ecpm

= $200.00 income

Use Ad Tester On Your Site

Scientifically proven to reduce bounce rates, improve time on site, & increases pageviews per visit.

Create Ad Competition

Ezoic is ad demand agnostic; meaning, Ezoic’s Ad Tester works with your existing ad networks, exchanges, native ads, and header bidding partners.  In addition, Ezoic has partnerships with many ad networks, such as Google Adsense, Google Ad Exchange, Outbrain,, OpenX and +300 more that you can easily access through our platform.

A feature we call Mediation enables all of your own ad networks to compete with any of Ezoic’s own ad partnerships for your website’s ad space.  This increased competition increases ad rates. This means every ad on your site is competing to get you the best deal.

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What Ezoic can do in a day may take a human a 100 years to do… literally, we simply couldn’t do this ourselves. The revenue growth we’ve seen has been exponential.

Bill Phelan

CEO, BrightHub

Typical Ad Testing Results

Even when machines do it, ad testing takes time. Our publishers typically begin experiencing major improvements in website performance and ad earnings within the first days or weeks of using Ad Tester.

We have found a correlation between the time our publishers leverage Ezoic’s intelligence and the average increases in their EPMVs (earnings per visitor session). Study after study confirms that Ezoic’s methods for improving user experiences and revenue work for every site on the web.

Ad testing takes time but we see publishers realizing results within weeks. The more time the system has to test, the greater improvements site owners will see.

The only way to see if it will help your site is to test Ad tester.

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