Big Data Analytics

Analytics Built For Publishers

Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics was built specifically for digital publishers. The information needed to fully-understand visitor behavior, session value, SEO, and other important information is all included and easy to find inside of Big Data Analytics.

Understand your traffic and revenue like never before. See how article length affects SEO and revenue, discover which pages ACTUALLY generate the most revenue per visit, and much more.

big data analytics - analytics for publishers

Measure Engagement

Collect valuable information about visitor engagement on your website. See when navigation is performing well, or even determine how different changes to your site affect user intent, revenue, and SEO — and other metrics that impact ad revenue.

Measure and track:

  • Engagement Time
  • Session Earnings By Page
  • Revenue by Page Word Count
  • Pageviews by Article Length
  • Revenue by Page Load Time
  • Trends In Returning Visitors
  • Navigation Bounce Paths
  • DOM Interactive Rate
  • And much more…

What’s Driving Ad Earnings?

Understand what is really driving ad earnings. See what traffic, actions, and behaviors are influencing your earnings the most.

Compare apples to apples. See year over year data for different visitor segments. Discover if you are actually earning higher revenue per user this year compared to last year.

Understand which visitors and pages are contributing most to the bottom line. Dive deep into their impact on total website revenue.

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Deep Content Insights

Understand your content like never before. Monitor word count and content length to see how different visitors are impacted. Learn which types of content generate the highest earnings by different visitor segments

Things you could discover:

  • New vs Returning visitors preferred article length
  • Word counts that earn highest total revenue
  • Most valuable landing pages by article length
  • What landing page word count produces the longest sessions
  • Revenue by Page Load Time
  • How page speed impacts page engagement
  • Page engagement by traffic source
  • And much more…

Fine Tune Your Website

Gain deep insights into things like page speed. Find your slowest pages and see how they are affecting visitors and revenue.

See where site navigation may be causing a drop in page value. Learn where navigation bounces are the highest and prevent low-value pageviews that may be negatively impacting ad rates.

Learn how visitor engagement is impacting revenue. Dig deep into what is influencing website engagement. Find out how page speed, article length, traffic sources, and other factors influence ad revenue.

See how your visitors behave. Get granular details on visitor behavior by page, landing page, traffic source, and more. Find the best combinations of recommended pages, social shares, scroll percentages, and much more.

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