Big Data Analytics

Apply Intelligent Insights To Your Website

Unlock the value of each website visit by allowing machines to test and change ad placements, networks, types, and sizes when Ezoic knows it will provide more revenue and a better experience.

Data Organized So Sites Can Take Action…

Tie Revenue To Everything

See how everything from infrastructure to audiences is impacting the bottom line.

Objectively Evaluate SEO & Engagement

Actually see how changes, content, and investments impact rankings and audience behavior.

Drive Higher Revenue, Perform Better SEO, & More

Calculate The Value of SEO

See how SEO objectively impacts revenue.

Tie Revenue To Everything

Revenue for word counts, categories, & more.

Transparent Ad Reporting

See how and why revenue changes
by ad size, partner, and more.

Analyze Author performance

See which writers produce the highest-earning content

Key Ad Tester Features

Look At Data Like You Never Have Before

Real-time revenue reporting

Understand how your site is earning revenue as it happens

Revenue by author, category, topic, and more

Discover what attributes and qualities your highest-earning content has.

Valuable audience insights

Find out which types of visitors are the most engaged and produce the most ad revenue.

Connect Google ranking to your data

See how ranking positions, CTR, and seasonality affect revenue and visits.

See what audiences like best

Find out if audiences appreciate investments in new formats, a faster site, or changes in layouts.

Get insights and be inspired

Understand how deep visitors scroll on articles and learn where they have the worst experiences.

Data-Driven Decisions

“Before using this report in Big Data Analytics, many of my articles were quite brief and arguably a bit thin. They were great for providing a quick answer to a straightforward question, but there was definitely the potential to add more value for users with additional information and more detailed content. Big Data Analytics helped me to see that and has taught me to take a more user-focused approach.”

– Adam Jones, The Gold Fish Tank

“My revenue 4x’d after using Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics…” 

– Luisito Batongbakal,

300% Increase

In Revenue After Using Big Data Analytics

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2. Integrate with Ezoic

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