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<strong>How to Get Traffic Instantly By Uploading Your Videos to Humix</strong>

How to Get Traffic Instantly By Uploading Your Videos to Humix

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In times of lowered revenue and uncertain advertiser rates, it’s more important than ever for publishers to maximize every possible revenue source. But what else can you do? Write more content, make more videos, do more work? 

Perhaps. Or you could simply integrate a few of Ezoic’s top-performing tools into your site with virtually no extra work at all — like using Humix, for instance.

You’ve no doubt heard of Humix by now, Ezoic’s all-in-one video tool; it allows you to earn a profit by sharing your and others’ videos online. Not a video content creator? No problem; you can simply convert your written articles into high-quality videos using Ezoic’s article-to-video converter tool, Flickify. 

In the few months since its launch, publishers using Humix have seen extraordinary gains in revenue and traffic (more on that below). Some publishers have seen skyrocketed growth from Humix; the vast majority see at least respectable revenue increases, leading this tool to become an absolute priority for publishers looking to increase their revenue stability.

Here’s why you should use Humix (if you’re not already), and how you can start getting instant traffic to your site.

How This Publisher Saw a 35% Increase in Revenue After Enabling Humix 

In a recent poll Ezoic conducted on our publishers, we discovered that around 60% of publishers who enabled Humix saw at least a baseline increase in revenue. Some saw higher revenue increases than others, like this publisher who saw a whopping 35% revenue increase in the month after using Humix!

For those of you thinking this person just happened to be a long-time veteran video creator, guess again; this publisher didn’t create or upload a single video of their own! They only switched on the “Engage and Earn” setting, and 100% of their Humix revenue came from relevant, high-quality videos already on Humix. Not bad for simply pressing a button, huh? 

There are countless more examples of publishers seeing a respectable to significantly increased traffic and revenue through Humix alone. Take Mike D., an Ezoic publisher that saw nearly a million views from Humix in his first month of using it:

Or take these Ezoic publishers, who all saw an increase of over 74%(!) in site revenue after enabling Humix (no URLs for privacy):

There is a significant opportunity for using Humix for your site. It’s an extremely low-effort high-reward combination, where you can literally improve the quality and revenue of your site simply through using a free tool you can turn on instantly.

There will always be ups and downs as a digital publisher, and Humix isn’t the magic pill to earn you a bajillion dollars overnight. But it’s an extremely effective, simple, and lucrative tool that’s just waiting for you to use it.

How to Use a Humix Channel to Drive More Traffic and Revenue

If you’re interested in using Humix as a way to drive more traffic and revenue to your site, there are a couple simple ways to start that you can implement today.

Humix works in two major ways: by uploading and sharing your own videos (“Share”), and displaying others’ videos on your site (“Display”). Each option allows you to earn revenue.

The first option is to Share. This means you can upload your videos onto Humix to be shown on other websites, earning you revenue from ads with that video. Humix uses video content, SEO, and metadata to determine where to best insert your videos onto other sites.

You don’t need to be a top-level video content creator to do this; you can simply use Ezoic’s article-to-video converter Flickify to turn your existing written content into videos. Alternatively, you can simply upload any videos you already have (on YouTube, social media, etc.) onto Humix as well and turn content that isn’t currently making revenue into some high-quality, revenue-earning content.

As one of Ezoic’s Humix experts Austin Byron explained it to me, “If [publishers] are already using videos but embedding them from YouTube or any other source that invites users to leave their domain, and when you’re the expert on [your topic], why would you send people elsewhere instead of your own site?” Humix helps make your site — and the Internet — a better, more focused place.

The next option is to Display. This allows Humix videos to be displayed on your site, which is a perfect option for publishers who don’t prefer to post their own videos on Humix. Humix will determine which high-quality videos fit best with your site content, and insert them accordingly.

After extensive studying and data analysis, Ezoic has seen that sites that use Humix have seen increased engagement (about 57% of polled publishers saw an increase in engagement) decreased bounce rate, and overall increased revenue (around 60% of publishers who simply enabled Humix in the last couple months saw an increase in revenue).

Humix doesn’t just give you more opportunity for revenue, it makes your site better by inserting high-quality videos that keep audiences on your site longer and engage more. Both Share and Display options are highly viable, lucrative ways for publishers to quickly turn on new and dynamic revenue streams that simply use what you’re already publishing and attract new audiences while making your site look better to your visitors. 

Humix Allows New Sites to Get a Jumpstart on Traffic (and Established Sites to Build Momentum)

When I first, first started out as a publisher, no one read my work. I got about 12 views a day on my site. I cringe when I think back to it, but it’s true: every time I published a new article, I’d go on my Facebook profile, post the link, and literally tag individual people I thought would like it. Then I’d get excited when I got 19 views in one day instead of 12. 

This…“strategy”? Doesn’t work. If you want your site to grow, you’ll need to actually create great content that people want to read, and then make it easy for them to find you. Both are difficult problems to solve.

While you can spend the rest of your life learning how to write better, you can start getting more traffic far faster. New sites can use Humix to get a jumpstart on traffic, giving you crucial data on your site and content to make more informed decisions on what to write about next. For instance, if you just started a site on self-improvement, it might take about 10,000 views to give you some real insights on whether your audience prefers more content on exercise/nutrition instead of mindset/meditation. I call this the cycle of life for a site:

Humix gives you this data faster by funneling more traffic to your site. 

If you’re already an established site, Humix can help you build more momentum and move faster to become one of your niche’s top authorities. Google will see your increased traffic from Humix and take that into consideration when it comes to assessing your site’s quality and content. Like we mentioned earlier, Ezoic sites using Humix typically see an increase in engagement sitewide, from respectable to downright incredible.

In Conclusion

Humix isn’t a magic pill that will instantly get your site to the #1 slot in most Google searches for your topics…but it will help immensely. 

Looking back at my 10+ years of publishing, there was no single event, no one article, no one tool that made all my success possible; it was using a variety of tools in tandem over a long time that yielded the best results.

Humix is that tool for you. With the meteoric rise in video content popularity and beneficial impact Humix can have on several key metrics on your site, it’s a no-brainer to use this tool. Publishers commonly see increases in revenue, site engagement, and traffic after using Humix, and you can start using Humix today if you want!

Anthony Moore is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and has gained over 7 million views for his work on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and productivity.

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