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See How This Publisher Went from Access Now to Level 3 in Less than 6 Months

See How This Publisher Went from Access Now to Level 3 in Less than 6 Months

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It’s our time to highlight another publisher success story. We’ve had an abundance of publishers to choose from who have truly grown their site as well as their own knowledge in the world of digital publishing.

If you’re looking to learn more about monetizing your website, getting help with site speed, developing your content and more, here is your opportunity to study.

We’ll be showcasing a couple tips to know when you’re entering the publishing space, one exemplary publisher who has embodied the Ezoic mantra and more ways to grow.

How you can be like this publisher

Just this past month, we had one of our tremendous publishers level up into Level 3 (and this publisher originally started in the Access Now program) in the Ezoic ecosystem. Among the benefits of Level 3 are additional high-earning ad partners, 1 to 1 consulting, and the opportunity to join Ezoic Premium.

If you’re getting hung up on a niche to choose, opting for something more hyper-focused than not is a smart choice.

Think about it in terms of market share and competition. You’ll want to aim for a low-medium competition.

For example, if you’re trying to get a site off the ground, your best option may not be to cover all sports on your site. You’ll want to drill down into something more specific like the NFL.

Even more, your favorite team or the one you’re most knowledgable on is the smartest model to follow. This way your audience knows exactly what to expect in terms of content and can be devoted and engaged.

These can never be touted as guaranteed steps to success but it’s a great roadmap. In this space, it’s important to iterate and fill the gaps you may notice.

Once you’re in Ezoic, another task you can perform is to use our SEO Tag Tester to see where is a suitable market to attack. This tool will help with comparisons related search results and get you that perfect title tag for your pages and posts to grow traffic.

Stats and analytics

Now let’s look at Big Data Analytics to see what the epitome of growth looks like.

For background, this is a publisher who had once put all of their focus in YouTube. Now, they’re more concentrated on their sites which have exploded.

As you can see in this photo, we’re pulling revenue, visits, pageviews, engaged pageviews and most importantly…EPMV. These are all the telltale indicators of whether a site is in good health and trending in the right direction.

In this instance, we’re comparing the first 3 months at Ezoic (green line) to the most recent 3 months (blue line). The percent change for all of the columns has increased in a big way.

In the most recent review in October, the publisher had gone out of their way and requested more information on how to level up faster. With the information in hand, this publisher managed to get to Level 3.

Above all, a huge focus was on the placeholders. Particularly in this case, our Publisher Success team spent a lot of time with the publisher working with the Ezoic WordPress plugin to get their sites dialed in the most.

With so much in front of publishers and focus changing intermittently, we’ve found that proper placeholder set up is something that’s overlooked. If you think this could be a scenario you’re in, it may be worth spending more time in this step.

We know that this particular publisher has taken advantage of Leap, the Cloud Suite and Tag Tester to optimize their site settings further.

Now with Enhanced AI Placeholders, publishers are reaping the benefits of having Ezoic find additional placeholder locations outside of what the they have previously inserted on their site.

Easier than ever with Level-Up Learning

If you’re new to Ezoic or even just looking for a new resource, our Level-Up Learning Program is the perfect opportunity to listen to expert advice and coaching, attend weekly sessions with tasks and action items attached and connect with other publishers.

We’re all about lowering the barrier of entry for publishers and onlookers preparing to get in the game. This program is another step in that direction.

So far, we’ve had tremendous feedback on the program and its invaluableness. Sign up now in your Levels Dashboard!

What to remember going forward

If you ever thought that it takes years over years to build and optimize your website, grow your visitors and get that revenue off the ground – you’re wrong!

With all the resources available, we hope this gave more inspiration to anyone in the digital publishing landscape.

Whether you’re just starting out, have hit some roadblocks, or returning to the grind of it – there’s always more to learn and pieces to take away from a success story.

Drop a comment if you have any more questions about Ezoic and growing as a publisher! As always our knowledge base or Ezoic community will be your best friend in terms of being an encyclopedia and guide to all things Ezoic.

Erik is a digital marketing and content creation expert. Erik has consulted and developed media for brands, earning accolades for his agile tactics and lean marketing approaches.

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