Ezoic Customer Week 2022 Kickoff Announcements

Ezoic Customer Week 2022 Kickoff Announcements

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Welcome to Ezoic Customer Week 2022! Join us for a whole week celebrating YOU: our Ezoic publishers! We have some extremely special and exclusive announcements, and we just revealed them in today’s webinar. We have some new tools, products, updates, and resources that are sure to have an enormous impact on you and your site.

Ezoic just revealed a slew of incredible, publisher-focused tools that are designed to help you create better content, adapt to new trends, distribute your content to larger audiences, and optimize your monetization to earn as much revenue as possible. 

We encourage you to watch the full announcement webinar here, but here’s a short breakdown of what Ezoic CMO Tyler Bishop revealed:

NicheIQ: NicheIQ is a suite of tools for publishers who are focused on improving SEO, including three individual tools: Broken Links Tool, the SEO Tag Tester, and the Topic Suggestion Tool.

Flickify: Flickify is the first of its kind: a tool that allows you to upload text-based articles, and transforms them into high-quality videos.

Humix: Humix is a video management suite designed to significantly increase your ad revenue and boost your SEO by inserting high-quality videos into publisher sites.

Ezoic Ads: Intelligently making site decisions to deliver high-quality advertisements through your site to optimize your advertisement revenue. 

Leap: Leap provides everything from optimization features to diagnostics so that websites can pass Core Web Vitals.

While these tools are revolutionary and provide best-in-class service to our publishers, they’re not as powerful if you don’t understand why Ezoic launched them, and the data behind how they affect your site. Once you discover the reasoning behind these tools, they’ll be much more effective for your site.

Why Ezoic Launched These Customer Week 2022 Tools, and How They Can Help Your Site

If there’s one thing you can count on as a publisher, it’s that change is a fixed element in this world. Back in 2012, marketers and research studies everywhere were quick to declare that mobile traffic (around 10–15% of all internet traffic at the time) was at its peak. Of course, we know that wasn’t true; ten years later and mobile traffic is now more common than desktop traffic! 

There are always new trends evolving, from Google algorithm updates, the rise in voice search, social media marketing, etc. If you don’t understand how to truly give your audience what it wants in ways it prefers, you’re probably not going to be that successful.

Here’s a real life example. Take Wikipedia and one of it’s biggest competitors (well, used to be), Answers.com. 

In the past ten years, the interface and functionality of Wikipedia remains almost untouched, while Answers.com has gone through so many variations as to become unrecognizable. Answers.com is a VC-funded and incredibly in-depth in it’s information production, yet the website is quickly approaching zero users…while Wikipedia has dwarfed Answers.com and attracted 10–15 billion views over the past few years. 

One company understood how to create value users actually wanted; the other company focused on chasing profit and never really become a true competitor in their space. For one company, the hard data and facts infoirmed decision-making…for the other, ego-driven interface changes drove away traffic for good.

At Ezoic, if there’s one thing we do really, really well…it’s use data to make the right decisions. Thanks to our massive and talented data science and engineering teams, we can (and do) track countless variables from the billion pageviews we see every few months, identifying the biggest needs publishers have, the most important publisher trends, and the best tools to take advantage of every new opportunity. 

There were really four major events that helped us know which publisher tools and services were the most needed; and most effective.

First was the Google September 2022 Product Review algorithm update, which was a decision rooted in a larger Google strategy to create higher-quality content on the internet. Google was addressing a flurry of low-quality product reviews targeting publishers with little to no experience using the tools hoping to make a quick buck. This signalled to the world that in Google’s eyes, quality content matters almost more than anything else.

To respond, Ezoic launched NicheIQ, an extremely advanced suite of SEO tools to help you with keywords, topic suggestions, and overall better SEO for your site. NicheIQ was designed to help you create high-quality content, the exact content Google is looking for. This site below is just one example of a publisher that’s seen a massive improvement in traffic, click-through rate, and impressions:

Next was the rise of AI-generated content, which Google has been on the record to flag largely as “spam,” preferring the real-life human element of information to anything AI content generators could produce. This was another signal to the publishing industry: Google doesn’t want spam, it wants high-level content that truly helps people. 

Interestingly, this primarily applies to text-content; AI content generators can actually make really good video content to supplement great written content. That’s why Ezoic launched Flickify, an article-to-video generator where you can customize your videos to incorporate your brand, themes, logo, and use a massive library of stock photos and video footage to make great videos. There’s enormous research proving video content keeps audiences engaged longer, and Flickify helps you do that by turning your articles into videos.

Here’s one specific example of a publisher who started using Flickify a few months ago, as part of our beta testing of the product. They were able to easily create 35+ videos, which garnered over 10 million views! Total revenue year-to-date? An extra $13,154 through video content revenue. 

Another interesting strategy behind this decision: the world’s largest search engine is Google, but the second largest is actually Google Images and Video. This means that while your written content is being indexed by Google, the videos Flickify creates for you are indexed in Google Images and Video search engine. By using Flickify, you’re ensuring your site is immediately ranking in the world’s two largest search engines!

Third was the industry-shaking decision by Amazon to slash commission rates that gave publishers a cut of sales. Ezoic has no horse in this race, and we think it’s great when publishers diversify their income streams and incorporate affiliate marketing into their site arsenal. But depending too heavily on any platform puts you and your site at risk. There’s really no concrete reason why a company like Amazon wouldn’t just completely cancel this affiliate program altogether; we’ve already seen it happen in other platforms like Facebook and Twitch. 

This is why Ezoic spent so many resources revitalizing and launching our Ezoic Ads and Leap product, which helps you diversify your site income streams and provide a better overall experience for your audience so they’ll keep coming back for more (not to mention signing up for subscriber/newsletter lists you may have). Whatever your site needs, Ezoic can provide a tool that can help with that. 

Fourth was the advent of video engagement on the internet. According to Google themselves, video search results have a higher click-through rate, video content is 50x more likely to get organic ranking than plain text results, and if your site has video audiences simply engage more.

In response, Ezoic launched Humix, a video management suite that allows publishers to upload videos to be displayed across the internet and earn advertisement revenue. There are billions of potential page views that await inside of Humix. It’s designed for publishers, where you can share audiences with other publishers to display each other’s videos and share equal parts of the profits. 

Humix is growing significantly right now: for every new video uploaded there’s an average of 10,000 views on the Humix site. The average revenue per video, per month is massively growing as well:

More good news: this is not just the top video creators on the platform that are making income (compared to sites like YouTube, where only around 0.25% of all channels are eligible to receive revenue). With Humix, video revenue is now 90% of overall revenue for beginning and smaller publishers who are using the platform! There’s revenue available across the site, for any sized publisher.

In Conclusion

We know Ezoic Customer Week 2022 has announced a lot: but we just can’t help ourselves. We want your site to be as big, successful, and agile as possible, able to provide your audience with a world-class experience that helps you earn as much revenue as possible for you and your family.

There’s plenty more to come for Customer Week, and you can watch the full announcement video here. In the meantime, we’re seeing countless publishers begin to take advantage of these tools for their site…you should, too!

Anthony Moore is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and has gained over 7 million views for his work on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and productivity.

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