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6 Unique Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Site

6 Unique Ways to Get More Traffic To Your Site

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When you’re a website owner, chances are you want to increase traffic to your site, whether the purpose be to spread your message further or to get more revenue. However, it can be easy to fall into a lull or come up short. You may be creating quality content and not seeing the visits you think it deserves. 

In those scenarios, we’re sure you’ve probably heard about the traditional means to build traffic – social media, email newsletters, guest posts and other traditional marketing. All of those are extremely valuable and we’ve written about them here and here – but we wanted to focus on some unique ways to get more traffic to your website for when you’re in need of an idea that you’ve never tried before.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through 5 unique ways to get more traffic to your site, the benefits of getting traffic this way, and how you can execute on this strategy.

1. Leverage Reddit 

Reddit is a popular social media platform with millions of active users. It is divided into subreddits, which are dedicated to specific topics. Find subreddits related to your niche and participate in discussions. Make sure you add value to the conversation and avoid spamming. You can also share links to your website if it is relevant to the discussion.

For example, you could consider doing a Reddit AMA in a relevant subreddit. This is a great way to engage with your target audience, answer their questions, and promote your website. You might find that many people are curious in the topic you have to present. Here’s an example of someone in the R/AMA subreddit who got questions within minutes of posting:

Here are a couple reasons that Reddit works well to get more traffic:

  • Reddit allows engagement with a highly targeted audience based on specific subreddits or communities related to your niche or industry.
  • Providing value through informative or entertaining content can establish yourself as a knowledgeable and trustworthy source.
  • Reddit users are highly engaged and are more likely to share interesting content, which can increase the reach of your website and drive traffic.
  • Reddit threads or posts can rank well in search engines, leading to increased visibility and traffic over time.

2. Quora Participation

The Quora strategy isn’t too far off from the Reddit strategy. This unique way to get more traffic is a popular question-and-answer platform that allows users to ask and answer questions on a wide range of topics. As a website owner, Quora can be a valuable tool for driving traffic to your website. By answering questions related to your niche or industry, you can establish yourself as an authority and build credibility with your audience. By including a link to your website in your answers, you can also drive traffic to your website and generate leads. Additionally, Quora content often appears in Google search results, which can further increase your website’s visibility and attract more traffic. 

For example, here is a food blogger who answers questions people have about cooking risotto, for example. Ultimately, not only does he answer their question, but he makes himself a valuable resource and drives curiosity to what else he might know.

Overall, Quora is an effective way to reach a wider audience, drive traffic to your website, and establish your brand as a valuable resource in your industry.

3. Collaborate with Other Creators

Partner with other creators in your niche or industry to create joint content, such as an e-book, course, or podcast series. This can help you reach a wider audience and attract traffic to your website through cross-promotion. 

For example, a couple ways you could collaborate:

  • Partner with other YouTubers in your niche or industry to create videos together. This can be a great way to reach a new audience and promote your website.
  • Reach out to podcast hosts in your niche or industry and ask if they would be interested in interviewing you on their show. This can be a great way to reach a new audience and promote your website.

4. Create Interactive Content

Create interactive content such as quizzes, polls, or games that engage your audience and encourage social sharing. This can be a fun and unique way to attract traffic to your website and increase engagement with your audience. Below are a few reasons why this is great for building traffic and good for SEO.

  • Increased engagement: Interactive content is more engaging than static content because it encourages users to interact with it. This can keep visitors on your website for longer, reduce bounce rates, and increase the chances of them exploring other pages on your site.
  • Social sharing: Interactive content is highly shareable on social media, which can increase your reach and drive traffic to your website. Users are more likely to share content that they find interesting or entertaining, and interactive content is often both.
  • Backlinks: When other websites link to your interactive content, it can improve your SEO by increasing your domain authority and page authority. This can help your website rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • Improved user experience: Interactive content can improve the user experience on your website by making it more enjoyable and memorable. This can help build a loyal audience that is more likely to return to your website in the future.
  • Unique content: Interactive content is still relatively rare, which means that creating it can set you apart from your competitors. By creating unique and engaging content, you can attract new visitors to your website and establish yourself as a thought leader in your niche.

5. Run a Giveaway

Running a giveaway is a fun way to attract new visitors to your website. Offer a prize that is relevant to your niche and ask people to enter by subscribing to your email list or following you on social media. Make sure you promote your giveaway on social media platforms and relevant online communities.

6. Create Infographics

Infographics are a great way to present information in a visually appealing manner. They are also highly shareable on social media, which can drive traffic to your website. Create high-quality infographics on topics related to your business and share them on social media platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.

For example, when you search a popular term, think about all the infographics that might come up and how many clicks that website could get from them.

  • Infographics are visually appealing and shareable, increasing the chances of being shared on social media and driving traffic to your website.
  • Infographics can improve SEO by generating backlinks and increasing domain authority and page authority.
  • Infographics simplify complex information and can establish your website as a valuable resource, resulting in increased traffic over time.
  • Infographics can help establish brand awareness by including website URL, logo, and branding elements.
  • Infographics’ shareability on social media can lead to more backlinks, increased traffic, and improved SEO over time.

Wrapping it all up: Unique Ways to Get More Traffic

In today’s competitive landscape, increasing traffic to your website requires more than just traditional methods of marketing. By implementing unique and creative strategies such as leveraging Reddit or collaborating with other creators, you can attract a wider audience, engage with them, and drive traffic to your website. These strategies also help to establish your brand as a thought leader and increase your website’s visibility, ultimately resulting in more traffic and revenue.

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Linden is a former journalism graduate of the University of Missouri turned social media and content marketer. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French and is responsible for Ezoic social marketing strategies.