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<strong>The Biggest Things to Look Forward To With Ezoic in 2023</strong>

The Biggest Things to Look Forward To With Ezoic in 2023

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Even though advertising revenue rates across the board have steadily risen more and more with each passing year, the slowest time of each year is usually in January; this is because the holiday season is over, companies have spent the last remaining advertisement budget, and the world takes a breath from “buying stuff” for a little while:

While some Ezoic publishers desire a breathless, never-ending rise in profits each month, these annual downturns are a much-needed breath of fresh air for publishers, many of whom spent Q4 at a breakneck speed publishing content and optimizing traffic. The best results and the most important breakthroughs are often only possible after a time of reflection and review.

The end of each year isn’t just a time to reflect and review the work you’ve done in the past 12 months; it’s also a time to get excited for the future, and prepare to have an even better year. Ezoic has some enormous plans for 2023 that every publisher should get excited about; ways we can continue to help you build your site into something truly extraordinary.

Ezoic Podcast

Anyone who’s been around Ezoic long enough knows we had a booming, popular podcast called The Publisher Lab, a podcast dedicated to all things about online publishing. We took a short break from creating episodes, but in 2023 we’re bringing it back!

We can’t even share any details of the new logo, design, and branding yet: we’re still working on it! But we can say it’ll be a publisher-focused podcast led by Ezoic CMO Tyler Bishop where he’ll interview guests, give publisher advice, and provide exclusive insights into Ezoic and how to succeed using our tools. Episodes will come out every week or so! Stay tuned for more on that.

Ezoic Campus


A brand-new, exclusive community for all Ezoic publishers, Ezoic Campus just launched and is growing rapidly. 

Ezoic has a multitude of support communities — support tickets, social media communities, etc. But Ezoic Campus is a different kind of community, a more open and communal platform where publishers can quickly access Ezoic’s latest discussions, updates, and trainings. Here, you can take part in discussions with real Ezoic publishers and Ezoic experts, including members from our marketing, PSM, and product teams. There will be trainings and resources from other Ezoic publishers, including insights into their personal strategies and dashboards!

We know there can be a lot of problems in most “support” communities — the constant back-and-forth emails, not finding the right experts, and getting bogged down by countless responses that might not even answer your question in the first place. Ezoic Campus is an official Ezoic community, where our team will closely monitor and moderate discussions so you can quickly get the right answers from the right people. Check out Campus now!

More Courses/Video Trainings

Throughout 2022, Ezoic released a variety of high-quality online courses and video trainings specifically designed to help publishers learn how to use Ezoic tools to help them grow their site. We’re also going to continue our Weekly Walkthoughts, where publishers can attend live webinars every week with Ezoic experts to learn more about how to grow their site.

We’re excited to announce we’ll have more of these trainings in 2023! These online courses and video trainings are meant for publishers like you to attend and learn from Ezoic experts, meet peers, and upgrade your mindset and website alike. 

Earlier this year, we had several online courses open during Content Month, in August 2022. Publishers could log in, create their account, and complete a learning course complete with resources, articles, videos, and support channels to learn everything from how to apply high-level SEO strategies to setting up video equipment to start making video content.

You can learn more about when these trainings will be through the blog here, through the Community.Ezoic.com platform, or through our social media channels.

Better Communication with Publishers

The other day, my wife told me she had gotten three separate marketing emails from a company, all before 7:00am on a Sunday. She had just bought a new pair of pants from them, and she was immediately getting spammed by useless marketing emails!

A lot of companies send out marketing emails that way, and it sucks. Ezoic is going to optimize and focus our marketing/communication efforts to reduce any clutter or repetitiveness about our updates. This means we’ll have less (but better) email communications about our blog posts, updates, and insights, as well as more uniformed communication across all our channels, so you feel like you’re getting the information you need at the right time.

There are a few ways to make sure you don’t miss these new communications:

  • Make sure Ezoic emails don’t go to your Spam inbox
  • Join Ezoic’s Campus
  • Join any of the Ezoic communities on your favorite platforms (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc.)

We hope you like our new, focused communications with you!

More In-Person Events

In 2023, Ezoic plans to have several in-person events to spread our message, engage with publishers, and celebrate people just like you!

We have a lot in store, and nothing is quite set in stone yet. However, we can say Ezoic will be featured at Affiliate Gathering 2023 (a major marketing conference in the UK), as well as making plans for Club23, our annual conference where we celebrate the success of major Ezoic publishers!

There will be plenty of ways to engage and connect with Ezoic this year, including these in-person events. Stay tuned for more updates on how you can follow these events!

Pictured: Ezoic CCO John Cole and CMO Tyler Bishop

Flickify Presentation for Club22

Club22 Ezoic Headquarters

What Else Should We Focus On?

As always, Ezoic’s main focus is serving you. If there’s something we’re doing that we could be doing better, we want to know; the best person to tell us about it is you! 

Whatever insights, feedback, praise, criticism, anything you think we should know — we want to hear it. Tell us here in the comments below: what else should we focus on in 2023 to help you grow your site more? 

Our team reads just about everything that possibly comes our way, and we make major decisions based on publisher feedback and insights. Please let us know how we can help you more!

In Conclusion

Ezoic is constantly thinking of new ways to provide our publishers with better service: more precise tools, more accessible strategies, more proven content insights, more of the right communication.

There’s a lot to look forward to in 2023, especially with Ezoic tools like Humix and Flickify making video content (and video revenue) far easier to integrate into your site. We at Ezoic know that each year will present new challenges and obstacles; we’re already creating solutions and optimizing our tools to help before those problems even arise.

Thanks for a fantastic 2022, where Ezoic publishers saw 25 billion pageviews combined! 

Anthony Moore is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and has gained over 7 million views for his work on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and productivity.

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