<strong>6 Reasons Why Humix is Better Than YouTube</strong>

6 Reasons Why Humix is Better Than YouTube

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Ezoic recently launched Humix, an all-in-one solution for video hosting, video sharing, and embedding network videos. It’s been gaining enormous traction from countless publishers who are seeing revenue increases through Humix, like this publisher who saw a 68% increase in overall revenue after using Humix!

Although it’s not quite as popular as YouTube (yet), you may be surprised just how many benefits Humix has for your site over other massive video platforms. In fact, here are 6 reasons why Humix is better than YouTube — and is only getting better.

1. Higher Earning Potential

I was shocked to learn that only about 0.25% of all YouTube channels actually earn revenue!

This happens for a lot of reasons (more on that below), but mainly because it can be very difficult to even pass the initial requirements to become eligible to monetize your work. Typically, unless you’re in the top tier of the top tier of YouTubers, chances are you’re not going to make much money, especially at first. Not only do you have to spend time passing YouTube’s strict requirements, you also have to spend time building a large following (which is a significant factor in actually getting consistent traffic and thus revenue). Even if you do manage to pass YouTube’s requirements, earning consistent revenue is largely based on your ability to continue publishing high-quality content. Otherwise, your odds of getting traffic and revenue go down significantly. 

Humix is completely different, and offers more earning potential for users than even a giant like YouTube, minus many of the difficult restrictions and requirements. This is because the platform allows you to enable Humix to display your videos (and displays other videos) on your and other publishers’ sites, meaning you don’t need to have a video following or even any videos of your own to start earning revenue!

2. Instant Reach

Much like its owner Google, YouTube relies on a complex algorithm that determines what content users see in their daily feeds. When you publish a video on YouTube, it’s largely a waiting game: waiting for the platform to decide to show your video to users, waiting for users to click on your videos, waiting for users to decide to follow your channel. Even if you do have a large following, there’s no guarantee your subscribers will even see it! Here’s how Influencer Marketing Hub recently explained it:

“So let’s say there’s a channel you subscribed to a year ago. And you regularly watched their videos in the first 2–3 months of subscribing. But now you have now changed your viewing habits and directed your attention toward other channels that you recently discovered.

In this case, YouTube is going to display video suggestions from the channels you’ve interacted with more recently. And it will likely recommend videos from the first channel towards the bottom of your feed. But if you start interacting with the first channel again, it will move recommendations from the channel toward the top of your feed.” 

This means that typically, only a channel’s most active or recent YouTube subscribers would be likely to see any new channel videos. Even if you manage to build a large following, it’s unlikely all your subscribers will see your newest videos unless they’re constantly using YouTube and constantly active on your channel.

It gets worse. For most publishers, this process can take months before you’re even eligible to receive a penny of your income (recent data shows it can take up to 22 months of consistent video creation before your channel can gain 1,000 followers, the baseline requirement for YouTube to release your revenue). If you’re new to video creation or aren’t that comfortable navigating around a complex video platform with ever-changing trends, updates, and rules, choosing to use YouTube can seem like an absolute headache and waste of time. 

Humix, on the other hand, affords users instant reach when they upload videos to the network and begins inserting your videos into other sites with relevant content. This indexing process starts as soon as you upload a video onto Humix. You don’t even need a following (more on that in a minute) for your video to be placed into dozens of highly-trafficked, popular sites with countless readers seeing your video in the site! 

Here’s one real-life example of a publisher who received over 1,000,000 Humix views…in just 30 days!

3. Simpler, Easier Requirements

YouTube requires several requirements for creators before they can ever collect their hard-earned revenue, not least of which are building 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 valid public watch hours. 

Opinions vary on how long it takes to attract 1,000 subscribers; some creators can meet this requirement in less than a year, while others can work hard for 2 years and still not have enough subscribers. It all depends. Regardless, that’s a long time to wait without getting paid, constantly creating and publishing videos for months at a time.

Furthermore, there’s always a risk of biting the hand that feeds you on a platform like YouTube. If you accidentally make a mistake with a video — using the wrong clip, a few seconds of a copyrighted music track, etc. — or even just do nothing wrong at all, YouTube has a long history of demonetizing or even banning YouTube channels that have gained millions of followers from thousands of creator-made videos across years of hard work. 

All this means there’s a constant level of stress and uncertainty with the notoriously user-unfriendly platform; years of work and thousands of videos can disappear in a flash, often without warning or explanation behind the sudden decision. 

Humix has far simpler and fairer requirements for publishers. You don’t build “followers” or subscribers, you simply upload quality videos onto the platform and the platform displays those videos on other sites, earning you advertisement revenue paid out each month. Even if you stopped uploading videos on Humix, there’s nothing to lose (unlike YouTube, where Social Media Examiner recommended posting 3–4 new videos every week when you first start out in order to not lose traffic). Simply come back and post more videos whenever you’d like; there’s no pressure or deadlines to meet.

4. Using Flickify 

Ezoic publishers can use Flickify, Ezoic’s article-to-video converter, to transform your stockpile or written articles and quickly turn them into revenue-earning videos after you upload them on Humix.

With YouTube (and every other video sharing platform), your success on the platform relies solely on getting more subscribers, followers, and views so you can get paid for your work. All this takes years of video creation expertise, expensive equipment, and video editing software know-how in order to consistently produce quality content. Typically, when you stop creating content, your views fall off a steep cliff; it’s a never-ending cycle of coming up with new video ideas year-round. 

Now, publishers can simply pair Flickify with Humix and upload their articles-turned-videos directly into Humix. This feature is exclusively available to Ezoic publishers, making it a no-brainer for publishers to use. Instead of learning how to be a master of written and video content creation, you can focus on writing great content and just using Flickify to create high-quality videos for you. 

Flickify has built-in features to upload your videos directly onto Humix, too. Index your new video into Humix’s massive search engine, get earnings from videos, and get right back to creating great content on your site.

5. You Don’t Need to Create Videos to Earn Money

On YouTube, if you don’t create your own content, you don’t earn money. That’s just how the platform works. Even if you wanted to share someone else’s great video you found and put it on your site, you’ll earn no referral revenue (although I’m sure that creator would be grateful you promoted their video for free!). 

Humix allows creators to earn money without ever even creating or uploading a single video.

How? By turning on the “Engage: Display Network Videos” feature, which allows your site to display other high-quality Humix videos while sending you earnings from that video revenue. This means your site can automatically display relevant videos (adding videos of any kind to your site has a high correlation with increased site engagement), and thus provide you video content revenue without you ever creating any videos yourself.

This type of opportunity is simply unavailable on a platform like YouTube. If you’re not a skilled video creator who’s constantly posting new high-quality videos that get high view counts every day, it’s unlikely you’ll be earning much revenue on YouTube.

Not every publisher is a natural video content creator. What if you don’t want to make video creation a huge part of your business? What if you want to use video to earn revenue, but don’t want to put in a lot of time and energy to learn how to master this content strategy?

Just push a button, and you can earn revenue through Humix without ever uploading any videos. When you share videos, you earn a 50/50 split revenue with the publisher who is displaying your videos on their site, but you can also earn a 50/50 split revenue share by displaying other publishers’ Humix videos on your site.

Best of all, Humix does this work for you, and even gives you revenue for doing so! Once you integrate Humix into your site, it will automatically populate high-quality, relevant videos into your site and give you revenue based on the video views. There’s no need to even create your own videos if you don’t want to; Humix can still send significant revenue your way.

6. Your Videos Earn Money 

Like we’ve said, video creators on YouTube need to spend months or years building up at least 1,000 subscribers and rack up over 4,000 valid public hours of watch time before you ever see your first paycheck (an achievement less than 1% of YouTube channels have accomplished). 

This means unless you’ve accomplished something 99% of YouTube channels haven’t, you won’t even be eligible to receive any revenue.

Even if you do meet the requirements, making money is difficult; Forbes recently estimated that even top YouTubers can only hope to make about $5 per 1,000 views. This means that even if you build 1,000 subscribers, and even if every single subscriber watches a new daily video you create, you’re still only earning a measly $150 a month! It’s unsustainable, exhausting, and a losing battle.

Humix is different. Since the platform is still growing wildly and gaining huge traction, there is simply more potential and opportunity on Humix. Take this publisher, who began using Flickify to make videos. After converting around 35 of their articles into Flickify videos and uploading them onto Humix, this publisher has earned over $2,367 in the past month alone, and a whopping $13,154+ so far this year!

Or take this example from another publisher. A few months ago, this Ezoic publisher decided to upload a handful of videos onto Humix. After a few videos over a couple months, this creator is on track to earn more than 99% of YouTube channels…and they don’t even have a video audience!

This publisher had rarely dabbled with video content creation in the past. Their site was doing just fine, but they decided to use Humix and allow their site to display videos.

The result? A massive new income stream. In just a few months, they started earning hundreds of dollars from uploading a few basic videos on the Humix platform.

In Conclusion

When it comes to using Youtube, the platform has seen better days. Creators are severely limited by the changing algorithm, user behavior, and simply not being able to meet the most basic requirements YouTube has for creators to earn even a single penny.

Humix serves to create a unique opportunity for publishers looking to tap into video content creation revenue. Whereas over 99% of YouTube channels aren’t even eligible to make money (and the timeframe to meet the basic requirements can be months or even years), you can actually earn real money when you’re just starting out on Humix. You don’t need to build a following or spend months trying to get subscribers on the platform; you simply upload videos, and the platform will begin displaying them on other publisher sites and send you any advertisement revenue it can from them.

You also don’t need to create your own videos yourself — you can just use Flickify to convert your articles into videos, and upload them onto Humix! No cameras, video equipment, or video editing expertise needed.

YouTube is popular for a reason, but it’s become far less friendly for publishers to really make a home in. Ezoic launched Humix to help all publishers tap into significant video revenue, and with the combination of Flickify, you don’t even have to use a camera.

There are plenty of reasons to incorporate Humix into your site. If you want to seriously consider tapping into significant video revenue opportunities, Humix is the tool to use.

Anthony Moore is a writer, speaker, and coach. He's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs create successful businesses, and has gained over 7 million views for his work on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and productivity.

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