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See How This Publisher Boosts Their 4 Sites With Humix and Flickify

See How This Publisher Boosts Their 4 Sites With Humix and Flickify

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Since rolling out Humix and Flickify to Ezoic publishers, we at Ezoic were eager to start seeing the success stories. In the past few weeks alone, we’ve been blown away at the results so far and the publishers who’ve been seeing an enormous change in revenue, traffic, and influence. 

It was difficult to choose from among the success stories, but today we’ll highlight one publisher in particular to show you their earnings and how you can apply their strategies, see what tool sets they use, and gain insight on how to grow with Ezoic…particularly using Humix and Flickify.

What are Humix and Flickify?

If you’ve missed our exciting new product launches, Humix and Flickify are now available to ALL Ezoic publishers! 

Humix is an advanced tool that allows you to upload videos to be displayed across the internet, as well as display others’ videos on your site, splitting the revenue equally between the two parties. Humix helps publishers tap into video content creation and helps you generate new revenue, grow your audience, and improve the experience for viewers.

Flickify is Ezoic’s must-have video tool that turns your written content into videos in less than a minute! Video creation has never been easier with this article-to-video converter, especially when you pair Flickify and Humix together to quickly create videos to be uploaded on Humix.

With these two ground-breaking products, everyone will be able to turn their written content into video as well as share it across a diverse and intelligent network to take your site a step above the rest.

Read more Humix blogs here.

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We’ll continue to update these lists with more materials.

A perfect formula for a publisher

Every publisher has probably seen a successful online creator and wondered how they got their success. Right now, we’re focusing on one Ezoic publisher who has grown their portfolio of 4 sites and had tremendous success using Ezoic’s new products.

This publisher is the perfect example of what to do and how to use Ezoic. While 1 of their 4 sites makes about half of their revenue, they’ve still diversified their content into different successful niches. Now it’s certainly hard work with all their keyword research and content creation, but it ensures they won’t get left in the dust with one fell swoop of an algorithm update.

By using the Ezoic toolset like Humix, Flickify, and Leap, this publisher is taking steps ahead in all aspects of their publishing game to grow their traffic and earnings.

Now maybe you’re just beginning or haven’t started your publishing journey yet. That’s ok! Here is a great blog on content strategies based on your personality. Once you’ve mastered that, this is a must-read guide on creating your profitable website. Then follow in our friend’s footsteps to make a few sites.

How do you measure video revenue?

We know publishers want to measure their site’s data and track their progress. To view your video data, head over to Big Data Analytics.

Here’s the report for looking at your Total Video Revenue.

When you open the report, you’ll see three criterias. There is video owned, displayed, and shared. 

Video owned measures the revenue from your videos: ones that you’ve uploaded or made in Flickify that are then played on your site. Video displayed are relevant videos you don’t own but were inserted onto your site thanks to the Humix network. Lastly, video shared are your videos but they’re played on other sites through Humix.

In Big Data Analytics, you’ll be able to see all three together in a graph or study them individually.

Let’s look at what we’ve found.

First, here is a 30 day period for our publisher on one of their sites. 

publisher analytics after using humix and flickify

You’ll see that their video owned and displayed is in direct relationship. At times, each one will outgain the other for revenue which is normal. Overall, since the publisher started using Humix and Flickify, their earnings have been trending upwards.

Let’s look somewhere else to make sure it’s not a fluke. Here shows the publishers daily ePMV also climbing over this time period which is a great sign for their overall website health.

Using these tools together, this publisher has increased their revenue by about 20% vs. the month before! That’s spectacular.

Making their videos with Flickify

The best part is, this publisher is already starting to generate a library of videos they’re making in Flickify. So now they’re increasing earnings, and taking less time to create quality video content. As you saw above, they’re gaining revenue from sharing other creators’ videos on their site, as well as displaying the videos they own.

For a more in-depth guide on Flicky, see our most recent blog here.

Don’t forget about site speed!

In addition to the numerous ways you can earn more revenue, Humix and Flickify are even helping with site speed. 

Let’s look at the site speed benefits this publisher has gained since using Humix and enabling our Youtube Replace option. We’ll explore some of the critical core web vitals as well as other metrics that can be used to study a site’s overall health and perception from its audience.

As noted above, an important setting to enable is our YouTube Replace function. This can be found in your Humix tab of the dashboard. Then Channel > Video Settings and you should see this box below. Flip the toggle switch to enable. What this will do is automatically replace embedded YouTube videos with Ezoic’s Video Player for videos imported through Ezoic’s YouTube video importer.

A primary Core Web Vital metric we’ve all seen is First Input Delay. FID measures the time from when a user first interacts with your site, the lower the better. Here you can see the significant decrease in the publisher’s FID after using YouTube Replace on Humix. It’s now getting below 75 milliseconds daily which is excellent.

Now below, you’ll see the publisher’s bounce rate after enabling YouTube Replace. Another drop that we love to see.

Lastly, let’s look at cumulative layout shift or CLS. CLS is a page experience metric that measures how much a webpage unexpectedly shifts during use. Our publisher saw a major decline on CLS and came in well below .05.

Wrap up

We’re excited that after our rollout, every publisher with Ezoic now has access to these tools and has the ability to make and distribute their own video content to grow their sites. 

For support articles head over to the video center of the knowledge base. There you can learn more technical best practices for Humix and Flickify.

Also as this blog comes out, it’s Customer Week in 2022! Follow along on the Customer Week page to look at all the resources we’ll be dropping. We’ll be featuring all different styles of content, live webinars, announcements, and more!

Erik is a digital marketing and content creation expert. Erik has consulted and developed media for brands, earning accolades for his agile tactics and lean marketing approaches.

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