Motion Invest case study: maximizing ad revenue: switching your AdSense site to Ezoic

Motion Invest case study: maximizing ad revenue: switching your AdSense site to Ezoic

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As a site owner or potential website buyer, you know that ad revenue is a crucial source of income for any website you own or want to purchase. If you’re using Adsense to monetize your site, you’re already on the right track, but did you know that there are ways to further optimize your site and increase your total website revenue?

Enter Ezoic, a popular website monetization platform designed to help publishers maximize their ad revenue by using advanced machine learning and A/B testing technologies. This game-changing platform can supercharge your site’s revenue, like it has for thousands of other site owners!

In fact, Ezoic’s average sites see a 50-250% growth in revenue, along with 90% YoY growth in traffic. Think of the potential for your own site if you could realize that level of growth simply by moving from Adsense over to Ezoic!

In this article, we’ll go through a few real-life case studies featuring site owners who made the switch from Adsense to Ezoic, as well as some key strategies and best practices for using Ezoic to make the most from your site. 

Bye-bye Adsense, hello Ezoic!

Many real website owners appreciate Ezoic’s ease of use and versatility. In many cases, Ezoic has not only improved their revenue, but their page views as well!

Let’s take a look at two examples of sites that made the big switch.

Dog blog

We had a dog blog that’s a perfect example of making the switch to Ezoic from Adsense and finding great success quickly!

The site is a wealth of information about a specific type of dog, including different breeds, grooming methods, and overall care. It was originally monetized with Google Adsense ads alone.

Here’s what the site was doing with Google Adsense.

And below, here’s what the site did with Ezoic.

In summary, the dog blog was on Adsense for 12 months, and in that time, it generated 18k total pageviews and only $85 in earnings. After switching to Ezoic, the site made $43 after only 4 full months and 3,100 visits – nearly triple the ePMV!

Career blog

In this Career blog, we can see the site was earning an average of just over $73/month when using Adsense on a trailing 12 month average.

The site switched over to Ezoic and within the first two months was averaging just over $220 per month. That is over a 300% increase just by switching platforms.

This was also only using Ezoic and not put onto their mediation program where they use Adsense and Ezoic together, which tends to yield better results.

Ezoic and Adsense, together

IT blog

One IT blog saw tremendous results by adding Ezoic to their site. In fact, this is one site where Motion Invest actually sent them an offer!

What makes this site a little different is that it runs Ezoic and Adsense at the same time, so you can observe a direct comparison between the two platforms over a fixed timeframe.

As you can see below, Adsense had 122k pageviews during this time and made $418. 

Ezoic had 390k pageviews and made $5,957 during this same time (which does not include the Premium earnings, as that brings it to nearly $8k).

All told, Ezoic had 3.5x more pageviews than Adsense did over the same timeframe, so it isn’t a perfect 1:1 comparison – but even if you were to multiply the $418 Adsense earnings by 10, it would still only be $4,180. 

The difference here is monumental for a site owner looking to maximize their site traffic and revenue! 

Case studies from Ezoic

We have a few more case studies that come straight from Ezoic. Here’s a quick look at the incredible revenue growth these sites achieved!

Small Biz Trends

Small Biz Trends is an award-winning website that gets more than 1.5 million unique visitors per month.

Originally, it was monetized with Adsense before switching to Ezoic in November 2017. The team was reluctant to fully implement Ezoic’s technology at first – they did a pilot on just 10% of their traffic and got good results. 

But once they finally sent 100% of their traffic through the platform, the results were immediate. Small Biz Trends subsequently grew revenue by 637% in about three months.

QUOTE: “Ezoic is enabling us to grow our business instead of just meeting the bills. When you have a partner like Ezoic, it’s like an infusion of funds.” – Anita Campbell

Whats-Your-Sign is a website focused on the topics of astrology, signs, and symbolic meanings.

It was originally monetized with Adsense and Amazon Affiliate before moving to Ezoic. Following the switch in July 2018, the revenue for increased by 106%.

QUOTE: “I was working like a dog, getting nowhere on my previous monetization model, and on the edge of bankruptcy. Ezoic, quite literally, saved my life.” – Avia Venefica

The Windows Club

A Windows Insider MVP named Anand Khanse started in 2009 to share his passion for Windows OS. The site has grown into a massive unofficial Microsoft Windows blog, with more than 10 million page views per month.

He first monetized the site with Adsense primarily, but he made the switch to Ezoic and saw amazing results. In just three months, The Windows Club increased revenue by 113%, along with major improvements in visits, page views, bounce rate, and EPMV.

QUOTE: “Until recently, I used Google AdSense and was happy with the earnings. But as they say – ignorance is bliss! I never knew there could be an immense earning potential beyond only AdSense.” – Anand Khanse

Ask the Builder

Ask the Builder is one of the first home improvement sites ever, first launching in October 1995 by award-winning builder Tim Carter.

He was using Adsense to monetize his site in 2004 and generating mid-six-figure revenue, even becoming a huge Adsense success story. Unfortunately, Ask The Builder lost 95% of its traffic overnight after the Google Panda update in 2011. 

By January 2017, Carter began to use Ezoic to streamline monetization on his site, ultimately increasing revenue by 300% in the months following the switch from Adsense to Ezoic.

QUOTE: “The biggest mistake I made was sitting on the fence and not turning on Ezoic sooner. That judgment error cost me no less than $70,000.” – Tim Carter

How to capitalize on switching to Ezoic

So, now that we’ve seen several compelling case studies of websites that found incredible success by switching to Ezoic, and we know how to use Ezoic to boost revenue, here’s the next logical question: How can you take advantage of this knowledge today?

Fortunately, the answer is simple: Just buy a website that’s currently monetized with Adsense, and once it’s yours, switch the monetization over to Ezoic!

That’s it! The good news is, you can easily find sites for sale that are monetized with Adsense on the Motion Invest marketplace.

Imagine if you could pay for a site with an asking price based on Adsense revenue, then turn around and monetize it for 50%, 100%, or even 250% more revenue via Ezoic! Not only would you have purchased it at a comparative discount, but you would also enjoy a higher-than-expected monthly cash flow from your new site.

And if you get good at buying sites on Motion Invest at an attractive price and monetizing them with Ezoic, you may be able to capitalize on the strategy by buying and monetizing many websites at scale. Best of all, Ezoic is an easy platform to use and work with, so chances are good that you can make this strategy work for you!

Top 3 best practices when using Ezoic

Here are a few quick things to keep in mind when you start working with Ezoic to help maximize your ad revenue.

1) Test your ad placements

In order to ensure you’re maximizing your revenue potential, you’ll need to do some ad testing. Luckily, Ezoic can help with that. 

There are five primary things that Ezoic will test for you:

  • The position of ads on each page
  • The size of each ad
  • The colors (background, text color, etc) of each ad
  • How many ads to show
  • When to show the user ads in their session (first page, later pages, etc).

Ezoic is able to test thousands of combinations of ads for you, using advanced statistical methods to predict winners and help you get more clicks and earnings. 

2) Add more placeholders

It’s easy to create new placeholders for ads on your site using HTML code that Ezoic generates for you, or with the official Ezoic Chrome extension. One benefit of this is that you’re able to test new types of ads.

While nobody wants to be bombarded with dozens of advertisements when they visit a page, there’s likely still room for you to add more placeholders and boost your site’s total ad revenue without harming user experience.

Ezoic can do this for you automatically, but it’s worth doing it manually to really get a sense of what works best for your audience!

3) Optimize for mobile

A quick look at your Google Analytics will show that a good chunk of your traffic is coming from mobile, often above 50%. The problem is, a lot of placeholders are only implemented for desktop devices.

This is a serious issue for maximizing revenue, because elements like the desktop sidebar actually appear at the bottom of the page on mobile devices, where hardly any mobile visitors will see your ads.

In Ezoic, you’ll be able to tell if mobile optimization is a problem by checking whether your mobile EPMV and desktop EPMV are dramatically different. Just by optimizing your placeholders on mobile, you can see a significant boost in ad revenue.

Additional practices for more ad revenue

Of course, Ezoic is only one piece of the puzzle! If you really want to see maximum revenue, you’ll also need to create amazing content – and a lot of it. Each additional post and page provides more opportunities for people to engage with your site (and the ads that appear on it).

You’ll also want to find ways to drive more traffic to your site. SEO is important, but if you can build an engaged list of email subscribers, an online community, a social following, or referral traffic from guest posting, you’ll be able to make the most of all your Ezoic efforts by getting more eyeballs on your content.


Whether you currently own a content site or you’re looking to buy one, it’s important that you’re aware of the revenue potential of Ezoic. This monetization platform can give you earnings that are up to 5X higher than with Adsense – all you have to do is make the switch!

And with Motion Invest, it’s possible to take that knowledge and apply it to sites you buy that are monetized with Adsense, capitalizing on the difference. 

Ready to get started? Visit the Motion Invest marketplace and buy a site! 

Kelley Van Boxmeer is a driven entrepreneur, business strategist, and mother of two who is the CEO and Co-Founder of Motion Invest. She has a strong background in online businesses, having worked for marketing and SEO agencies for several years before co-founding Motion Invest in 2018, a platform that helps investors buy and sell profitable content websites with ease.

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