What’s Your Sign

Improvements in earnings and visitor metrics



Avia Venefica’s passion for symbolism inspired her to launch Whats-Your-Sign.com, a website dedicated to symbolic understanding, in 2005. Venefica’s initial success was due to her diligent research of quality keywords with low results. She then wrote high-quality content around those keywords and optimized for ranking.

Venefica monetized using Google AdSense and Amazon affiliate sales, both of which provided positive results. However, as technology advanced and trends changed, it became increasingly difficult to stay on top of the search page. Whats-Your-Sign.com began steadily losing revenue; even after overhauling the website and going mobile-friendly, she was on the verge of bankruptcy.

When Ezoic reached out to Venefica to discuss the benefits of Ezoic’s optimizations for Whats-Your-Sign.com, she was skeptical. However, Ezoic’s persistence, personalized service, and collaboration prompted her to begin testing with Ezoic in July 2018.


Ezoic made integration seamless for Venedica: she was guided through the entire setup process and was provided with tweaks that became very helpful.

“Within a week of signing up for Ezoic, I started seeing amazing results,” said Venefica. “The user interface is extremely simple to use and makes it easy to view reports on my website’s performance.”

At the end of two weeks with Ezoic, EPMV had increased by 80%. Additionally, the site’s pageviews, engaged pageviews, and new and return visitor ratings saw significant boosts.

With the stability Ezoic’s platform provides, Venefica now focuses on developing her website. Additionally, she plans to launch a professional email campaign and produce an app for her site.

– In just one week, Whats-Your-Sign.com’s EPMV increased by 80%, and since integration, has increased overall by 106%

– From August to November, the site’s pageviews increased by 46% and engaged pageviews increased by 23%

– What’s-Your-Sign.com’s new visitor rate increased by 33% and return visitor rates increased by 38% since its first month with Ezoic

“I was working like a dog, getting nowhere on my previous monetization model, and on the edge of bankruptcy. Ezoic, quite literally, saved my life.”

– Avia Venefica, Founder of Whats-Your-Sign.com