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Find Organic Keywords That Are Likely To Increase Traffic Quickly

Find Organic Keywords That Are Likely To Increase Traffic Quickly

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Find Organic Keywords That Are Likely To Increase Traffic Quickly

You want to increase organic traffic. You know that you should focus on high-volume, organic keywords – and even know which ones get the most traffic – but you still don’t know about all of your existing content.

It’s getting some organic traffic for a few of the keywords you targeted, but what if you modified the post? Could you increase the traffic for existing content a lot more? How do you know?

Below, is a short video I shot along with written directions that you can use to determine which keywords are driving traffic to your site, what percentage of the traffic they drive, and which high-volume organic keywords might be within reach but currently aren’t sending traffic to your website.

Watch me explain this organic keyword strategy

Below we will look at one of my small websites, InjuryHealthBlog.com, to determine its top pages and keywords, and how to optimize for those keywords through content augmentation.

Look at Pages That Already Recieve Organic Traffic

91% of the content on the web doesn’t rank in Google Search.

That means that if you have content that ranks highly already that you are in the top 1% of web content for Google Search.

That content is good. But…

… could it be better?

(I’ve talked in more detail about this strategy before)

I’ll be using Google Search Console to determine which pages and keywords are the most successful on InjuryHealthBlog.com for users searching through Google.

Find Organic Keywords That Are Likely To Increase Traffic Quickly

After selecting Performance in the sidebar menu, and then Pages, you can see that the data for all the pages on my website is available. I currently have the date range set for the last three months, but you can determine whatever time range you prefer.

In this example, my top landing page is an article related to ACL injuries, with 791 clicks and 10,552 impressions in Google Search during this time period.

If we take the article’s URL and paste it into an organic research tool, like SEMRush, we can see all the organic keywords that receive a significant amount of volume for this article.

There are lots of tools you can use for this but SEMrush allows a set number of free crawls each month that you can use to do this on up to 5 pages at no cost.

Find The Organic Keywords That Could Be Driving More Traffic

SEMrush’s Organic Search tool allows us to see specific keywords with a significant search volume, which is determined by SEMrush’s crawlers. Here, we can see how this article ranks for every frequently-searched keyword.

finding keywords to increase traffic

For this article, I am particularly interested in the keyword search ‘can you play with a torn ACL.’

This phrase is not a headline within this post or a topic I particularly go into depth on inside my content.

Additionally, most people are probably concerned with playing on a torn ACL in regard to more traditional high school and college sports, like football and basketball.

The best way to make content rank better is to MAKE YOUR CONTENT BETTER!

Adding content to this blog that would relate to more traditional sports would probably enhance this article quite a bit and increase its performance.

However, I don’t want to risk damaging the other keywords that I have for this article by tampering with my content unnecessarily.

We can mitigate or eliminate any major effects to the other keywords by understanding what percentage of this article’s traffic comes from ‘can you play with a torn ACL’ and its variations.

google search keywords traffic

If you return to Google Search Console, clicking the URL for the article will set a parameter for the search and you can just see how this particular page performs over time.

This includes Average Position, Average CTR (Click-Through Rate), Total Impressions, and Total Clicks.

We can see here that the average position for this article is fairly steady but the total clicks are decreasing.

Rather than slowly let this article’s performance fizzle out, I would like to increase the amount of traffic to it once more.

We can see how well the top organic keywords are performing for this article by selecting Queries, located just below the line graph.

top search keywords

Queries tell us that ‘playing with a torn ACL’ and variations of that keyword search is actually driving most of the traffic to this page. One variation accounts for 22 clicks while another variation accounts for 19 clicks, meaning that this keyword accounts for 41 clicks of the total amount of clicks, which is 791.

Though this keyword accounts for only 5% of the total clicks on this article, it is more significant than other trends for this page.

which search queries drive search traffic to my organic website

Here, we can see again that the search results indicate most people clicking on the article are looking to see if they can play traditional sports, like football, on a torn ACL.

Optimizing Organic Keywords Through Content Augmentation

Now that we know what most visitors are interested in learning through reading my top landing page, we can start optimizing for keywords by augmenting the content.

Even though this article reviews how I tore my ACL, getting an MRI, and continuing to play football, most of the information is currently pretty anecdotal and does not go into much detail.

Based on the data, I should add details about if you can continue to play sports on a torn ACL in different sports to make this article more beneficial and increase its ranking and click-through rate once more.

Keyword optimization can be performed on all of your top landing pages. By taking the time to sift through your website and determine what articles you can augment, you will be making your articles better and increase the search rankings of your site.

Thoughts or questions? Leave them below and I’ll do my best to provide advice.

Tyler is an award-winning digital marketer, founder of Pubtelligence, CMO of Ezoic, SEO speaker, successful start-up founder, and well-known publishing industry personality.

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