Big Data Analytics Case Study

Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics used to make more informed and lucrative website decisions


What is Big Data Analytics?

Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics gives publishers the information they need to fully understand how visitor behavior, content engagement, SEO, and more directly affect ad revenue. With these reports, website owners can scale data-driven decisions to increase traffic, revenue, and website growth.

We asked publishers to share the reports inside Big Data Analytics that have impacted their business the most. This case study highlights two publishers who have demonstrated unique uses of these data insights, along with examples you can use to boost traffic and revenue. | Heidi Alexander was created by a group of wrestling enthusiasts reporting on the latest news and rumors in professional wrestling. Today, the website publishers 10-20 articles every day, crafted by a team of freelance writers who are die-hard wrestling fans.

The Big Data Analytics report that has impacted growth for the most is a custom Author Metrics report. With Author Metrics, publishers can evaluate the performance of each author’s articles on their site. This report is essential for publishers who have a team of writers or hire freelance writers to produce content for their sites.

Heidi Alexander, owner, took Author Metrics insights a step further by creating a customized report to closely track each of the website’s freelance authors’ performances.

Before using Big Data Analytics, Alexander and her team relied heavily on a writer’s expertise to decide which stories to report on. While they had the resources to encourage freelancers to pursue certain stories, there was little financial incentive to do so. Too often, they were losing money on low-performing topics. Big Data Analytics allowed Alexander and her team to create custom reports for each of their writers.

Alexander converted her team from a flat-rate, per-article style of payment to a split percentage. The report displays the total income for each writer, making it quick and easy to make weekly payments. If an older article generates new interest, the writer will still be paid on a percentage. This incentivizes internal linking and more time spent on the website.

Our lead writer now has a far better idea which topics perform well,” said Alexander. “We are now in Q4 with holiday ad rates and he is happily earning 10-20x his prior income. It’s a true win-win.”

Big Data Analytics has helped the team at make better, data-driven decisions about their website and content. The freelance writers are equipped with the information they need and now have a financial incentive to pursue high-performing topics. | Luisito Batongbakal started in 2013 as a repository of local trivia, gaining a following through Facebook traffic. However, with a passion geared towards Writing, Luisito Batongbakal, owner, lost interest in the topic over time and traffic decreased.

It wasn’t until he spent a year learning the depths of website infrastructure and SEO that he decided to pivot the direction of his website. From a humble trivia blog, evolved into the Philippines’ largest and fastest-growing ‘how-to’ manual site on the web.

Before discovering Big Data Analytics, Batongbakal says he only used Google Analytics, along with free keyword search tools every now and then. Over the years, he learned that these tools barely scratch the surface when it came to generating accurate results for his site.

Batongbakal learned more about the value of measuring EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) through Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics and incorporated this into his content marketing strategy to gain success without spreading his resources too thin.

To boost his overall earnings further, Batongbakal took advice from an Ezoic blog to publish similar, high-quality articles that point to his two top-performing blogs; this would drive more traffic to the landing pages with the highest EPMV. Using this strategy, his top-performing blogs ranked first on Google after only a few months.

In under a year, saw a 300% revenue increase just from strategies developed with data from Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics. In that same time period, engaged pageviews increased by 585%. Additionally, comparing the site’s monthly revenue before Ezoic and last month’s revenue,’s monthly revenue has increased by 651%.

“I can easily compare landing pages and find my most successful. I found that if I could optimize these pages and add relevant content, then I can significantly increase the traffic they receive and ultimately the revenue they generate.”

– Luisito Batongbakal,