Who We Are Here at Ezoic

Established in 2010, Ezoic emerged as a technology solution for digital publishers looking to earn more revenue but also to refine user experiences (UX). We understand that UX and ad earnings are directly correlated — enhance the user journey, and, in turn, you will earn more revenue. Ezoic was born from this idea and grew into an end-to-end platform for publishers. Ezoic has customers around the globe, with solutions available for publishers of all sizes.

As a trailblazer, Ezoic was the inaugural platform to harness the power of AI and machine learning in digital publishing. We've been refining our technological prowess for over a decade, consistently setting industry benchmarks. Whether it's about elevating user experiences, granting publishers unparalleled control over their earnings, or our committed team accompanying publishers at every juncture, Ezoic stands resolute.


Global Operations

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North American Headquarters

6023 Innovation Way
Carlsbad, California

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United Kingdom Headquarters

Portland House New Bridge St. West, Newcastle upon Tyne

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Floor 4, Panton House,
Panton Street, London

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Große Bleiche 15, 55116
Mainz, Germany

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8944 182st Edmonton
Alberta, Canada

We are honored and proud of the awards our team has accomplished

Great Place To Work Award SD Business Journal Award StartUp Award Sammy Award Tech Cares Award Tribune Award

Built for Publishers

At Ezoic, we're dedicated to shaping a superior web experience. We tirelessly refine our platform to assist publishers and webmasters in enhancing their online sites. Having a global presence allows us to be even more readily available to help our publishers everywhere.

Seamlessly navigate multiple objectives and maintain control over tests. Experience a suite of tools crafted for the modern digital publisher, leading the charge in monetization, site speed, and beyond.


A Trusted Partner

We are proud to be a Google Certified Publishing Partner and a trusted source for help with Google products like Google Ad Manager. We are also a certified Cloudflare, WordPress, and Flippa website exchange partner. These brands trust Ezoic as an expert to help their publishers and partners.

Our Team

Guided by experience and passion
our senior leadership team propels us forward