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Ezoic users are made up of thousands of brands, website owners, bloggers, and publishers of all shapes and sizes.

“What makes Ezoic great is that it provides a more intelligent way to grow, test, and improve a site no matter how big or small it is…”

Ezoic users are made up of thousands of brands, website owners, bloggers, and publishers of all shapes and sizes.

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Verified Reviews

From $5.01 Earnings per 1k Visitors (EPMV) to $16.63

Spencer’s Ad Earnings Increased by 232%

Niche Pursuits covered Spencer’s experience with Ezoic’s Ad Tester, and how it maximized ad earnings, increased site speed, and improved the time each visitor spent on his page.

“Ezoic gives you complete control of where your ads go, how many you have on a page, and gives you options for whether you want all the extra stuff like AMP. All final decisions are left up to you and Ezoic only controls what you want it to.”

Dave Taylor

Dave Taylor is a computer industry veteran, operating since 1980. He is a happy user of Ad Tester, Layout Tester, and Site Speed Accelerator. His site, askdavetaylor.com, has been with Ezoic since August 2014.

View his full publisher profile and review here.

Kenneth Carlos


Kenneth Carlos has been in the publishing industry for 20 years. His website, sweepsadvantage.com, has been on Ezoic since August 2018.

Within the site’s first three months, EPMV increased by 26% and revenue increased by 62%.

View his full publisher profile and review here.

Kenneth Carlos

Results From 4 Different Sites on Ezoic

“If I had given up on Ezoic, I would’ve missed out on so much income (I shudder thinking about that!), improved user metrics and an enormous amount of learning and education. And I don’t want you to make the same mistakes.”

View the full Ezoic Review by Huffington Post


Site 1: Revenue Increase


Site 2: Revenue Increase


Site 3: Revenue Increase


Site 4: Revenue Increase

Focused on Revenue and UX

Ezoic Provides Insights to Improve Content

 “Ezoic helps with revenues, but does so much more. As an artificial intelligence platform which includes its proprietary Big Data Analytics reporting, Ezoic delivers invaluable insights about user experience. For example, it identifies which articles are most engaging. The site is then able to build on past successes and deliver improved content for readers to enjoy.”

View the full Ezoic Review by Small Business Trends

Recently Added

RadicalFire.com uses Ezoic to grow revenue and traffic

Yes, more revenue, but there’s so much more…

“I like the Ezoic Ad Tester because it considers both maximizing revenue and optimizing user experience by default. For example, some users will get three ads when they read your posts, while others will get five. It is all based on the behavior of the people visiting your website. “

View the full Ezoic Review by Radicalfire.co


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Case Studies

Some of our customer case studies are below. We recommend starting with the one Google, our partner, did already. They helped us dig into some of the success we’ve created with our customers and we think you’ll appreciate the results.

A Look at 300 Websites

This study looks at 300 websites that started using Ezoic in January 2019 and measures their progress over the course of one year. These publishers easily grew traffic while their website revenue exponentially increased in less than one year by leveraging the features available on the Ezoic platform. Full Case Study.



Increase Avg. Revenue/Session

Increase Monthly Traffic


Increase Total Monthly Revenue


Increase Avg. Time on Site



Increase in Total Revenue

Increase Earning/1K Visitors


Increase Time Engaged


Decrease in Bounce Rate


EPMV Increase While Improving UX

Discover how the owner and founder of a self-help site who left Mediavine increased her EPMV by 52% and overall revenue by 39% within the first three months with Ezoic. See how an increase in EPMV, engaged time per visit, and also a 52% decrease in bounce rate, allowed her to better focus on the future—creating content for her audience and launching a new site. Full Case Study.


Think Fewer Ads, More Growth

Learn how the lead of digital mergers and acquisitions of a successful marketing solutions company first began using Ezoic to manage ad revenue and user experience on a recently-acquired site. See how an increase in EPMV, engaged pageviews per visit, and engaged time per visit, and a decrease in navigation bounces, allowed him to better focus on the future—growing and improving the company’s portfolio of high-quality content sites. Full Case Study.



Increase Avg. Revenue/Session

Increase Monthly Traffic


Increase Total Monthly Revenue


Increase Avg. Time on Site


Setup is easy, secure, and requires no technical experience.

1. Create an Account

No credit card, no contract. Always starts with 30 days free.

2. Integrate with Ezoic

Three integration options & real humans available 24/7 to help.

3. Configure Features

This is where you get to play with settings & Ezoic’s advanced testing.