Ezoic Case Studies

You can probably imagine that the layout and ads on your site have innumerable combinations that affect its success in terms of revenue and user experience. Ezoic noticed this a long time ago and built a platform that allows publishers to simply and easily test all of these variables. The results of these tests allow publishers to quickly optimize their site to improve UX, ad earnings, SEO, and much more.

Ezoic is proven platform for publishers that know they want — and can — improve the success of their site but aren’t sure which next step is the right one. At Ezoic, we would recommend testing all possible next steps. Testing is the only way for you to objectively determine the best experience for your users and the most effective way to generate greater ad earnings. Not convinced?

See some of our case studies below. We recommend starting with the one we did with Google, our partner. They helped us dig into some of the success we’ve created with our customers and we think you’ll appreciate the results.


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Google Publisher Case Studies