Ezoic Case Studies

Ezoic is an end-to-end platform for publishers that want to grow and improve their website, brand, or blog but aren’t sure which next step is the right one. At Ezoic, we give you the ability to discover the next step using a technology platform built for testing and optimization.

Ezoic allows publishers to quickly optimize their site to improve user experiences, ad earnings, SEO, and much more.

Some of our customer case studies are below. We recommend starting with the one Google, our partner, did already. They helped us dig into some of the success we’ve created with our customers and we think you’ll appreciate the results.


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This study looks at 300 websites that started using Ezoic in January 2019 and measures their progress over the course of one year. These publishers easily grew traffic while exponentially increased their website revenue in less than one year by leveraging the features available on the Ezoic platform.


Discover how the owner and founder of a self-help site who left Mediavine increased her EPMV by 52% and overall revenue by 39% within the first three months with Ezoic. See how an increase in EPMV, engaged time per visit, and also a 52% decrease in bounce rate, allowed her to better focus on the future—creating content for her audience and launching a new site.


Learn how the lead of digital mergers and acquisitions of a successful marketing solutions company first began using Ezoic to manage ad revenue and user experience on a recently-acquired site. See how an increase in EPMV, engaged pageviews per visit, and engaged time per visit, and a decrease in navigation bounces, allowed him to better focus on the future—growing and improving the company’s portfolio of high-quality content sites.

Video Testimonials of 5 Different Publishers Using Ezoic

Five publishers discuss why they started using Ezoic, what the results have been like, what they enjoy about using Ezoic, and how it has helped them reach beyond their publishing goals. See real publisher opinions about Ezoic and what the journey has been like.

Publisher Has Freedom To Focus On Content & Traffic

Learn how this publisher went from chasing affiliate deals all over the online marketplace to focusing on his niches, content, and traffic. Discover how Ezoic’s Big Data Analytics not only helps him understand his site’s performance but continue to create quality and profitable content.

2019 Ezoic Publisher Performance Report

This study looks at 50 websites that started using Ezoic in January 2018 and measures their progress over the course of one year. See how these publishers doubled their traffic and website revenue in less than one year by leveraging the features available on the Ezoic platform.

Publisher Increases EPMV by 80% in Two Weeks

Discover how this publisher went from making under $100 a day to over $200 a day in only one month while also increasing pageviews and engaged pageviews. Learn how Ezoic’s customer service and attention to detail convinced this publisher to integrate their website with Ezoic’s AI Optimization.

Ezoic Doubles Publisher’s Revenue in Three Months while Improving UX

See how Ezoic increased this publisher’s revenue by 113% while improving key UX metrics simultaneously. Discover why this publisher says “I should have switched to Ezoic much sooner!”

Ezoic Reduced Ads Shown By 50% and Increased Total Revenue

See how Ezoic used A.I. to reduce the number of ads, increase total ad earnings, and improve experiences for all visitors on this website in less than two months.

Ezoic Increases Revenue by 307% in Four Days for Publisher

See how Ezoic increased this publisher’s engaged pageviews by 26% in three months and earnings by 307% in four days. Learn how Ezoic can provide insights into both a publisher’s revenue and the success of their content.

Optimizing Session Revenue with Ezoic – Case Study

See how Ezoic increased revenue for local media publishers by 95% and mobile EPMV by 180%. Learn how Ezoic reduced the bounce rate for a publisher by nearly a quarter.

Affiliate Program Success Story

See how publisher David King made over $20k in a year through Ezoic’s referral program. Learn how to sign up for Ezoic’s affiliate program.

Visitor Segmentation With Ezoic – Case Study

See how several publishers have successfully leverage Ezoic’s machine-learning to segment visitors on their websites automatically. Discover just how impactful delivering different types of visitors alternate layouts and ad combinations can be.

SEO With Ezoic – Case Study

See how Ezoic positively impacts SEO and organic traffic. Discover why Ezoic’s ability to influence user experience metrics has such a positive correlation to improvements in organic keyword rankings.

Ezoic Increases Earnings 300% for AdSense User

See how Ezoic increased revenue by 300% for this former AdSense featured publisher. Learn how Ezoic was able to improve things like bounce rate while also driving up website revenue.

How User Experience & Digital Revenue Are Connected – Study

What creates a good experience for website visitors? Looking at traditional metrics does not always deliver the granularity required to understand how ads are truly affecting their experience.

Authentic UX vs. Fake UX – Study

What is Fake UX? Discover how artificially created user experience metrics harm ad revenue. See how Ezoic influences authentic UX improvements and how they correlate to higher earnings and better SEO.

Testing Layouts With Ezoic – Case Study

See why testing layouts with Ezoic has such a strong impact on ad earnings and SEO for these publishers. See examples where sites have increased revenue by more than 400% by automating their layout delivery based on what Ezoic has learned.