All Ezoic products and features come with a free trial. No payment method or commitment is needed to begin using the entire Ezoic platform. Ezoic works with all existing ad partners, CMS, hosts, and infrastructure. Major media brands, agencies, and large publishing groups can contact sales to learn more about our Enterprise pricing.  

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  •   Big Data Analytics
    Analytics designed to help publishers tie content engagement and revenue to things like word count, authors, topics, SEO, and more
  •   Consent Management Platform
    Helps manage visitor privacy and cookie consent mangement for compliance with GDPR and CCPA initiatives
  •   SSL Generator
    Easily add a free SSL to your website to ensure it is served securely to visitors as HTTPS.
  •   Google Search Console Linking
    Link Google Search Console data to Big Data Analytics to get insights around what search queries drive revenue and engagement
  •   Privacy Policy Creator
    Generate a website privacy policy and host it on your site.
  •   Script Tester
    Test scripts or plugins on your site. See the impact on engagement and revenue. Then, set rules to display them to visitors that are least impacted
  •   WordPress Hosting
    Access to our free WordPress Hosting
  •   Adstxt Manager
    Easily manage and implement ads.txt on your website. Manage ad partners and host an ads.txt file to prevent domain-spoofing.
  •   Global Support
    Service and support for all tools and features your site uses on the Ezoic platform.
  •   Ad Tester
    Use A.I. to automate multivariate ad testing on your site to increase earnings and improve user experiences. Ezoic learns and optimizes combinations for every visitor.
  •   Ad Mediation
    Connect your existing ad networks and header bidders to Ezoic to have them compete against more ad partners.
  •   AMP Converter
    Easily convert your mobile site to Google AMP format. Test and compare how AMP performs and toggle it on or off.
  •   PWA Converter
    Convert your mobile site to a progressive web app (PWA) without any development costs. Gain full app functionality on your mobile website.
  •   Header Bidding
    Ezoic automatically implements premium header bidding on your site and includes all top performing header bidders.
  •   Direct Ad Order Server
    An easy-to-use, yet sophoisticated as server that allows users to deliver directly sold ad deals using Ezoic.
  •   Layout Tester
    Control advanced layout testing on your website using machine learning to personalize each layout to different visitors. Customize by layout types, device, and more.
  •   Advanced Ad Controls
    Control how ads are displayed and experienced by visitors on your site. Set rules by page, category, type, and other important preferences.
  •   Social Widgets
    Implement social sharing icons and widgets on your site. Create display rules based on how visitors are impacted or engage with the widgets.
  •   Google DFP /Ad Manager Extension
    Integrate an existing Google DFP / Ad Manager account directly with Ezoic (Certified Google Partner). Access via API.
  •   Guaranteed +80 Mobile Google Pagespeed Score (details)
    The Site Speed App includes a reccomended setting that guarantees a mobile Google Pagespeed score above 80. No ad restrictions or gimmicks.
  •   Site Speed Accelerator
    Instantly speeds up your website by applying universal pagespeed best practices and load-timing sequences to your website.
  •   Inteliigent Caching
    Implement caching best practices on your website, set custom rules, or let Ezoic A.I. learn and create caching rules based on visitor behavior.
  •   Premium CDN
    Implement a super-fast CDN on your site when integrated via Ezoic nameservers
  •   Site Speed Tracking
    Track and see how your website speed has improved over time
  •   Advanced Speed Reporting
    See how website speed improvements impact website revenue and visitor engagement inside Big Data Analytics.

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    Free tools and features available on Ezoic for all users.
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