Ezoic offers a free trial for all products and features. No payment method or commitment is required to sign-up to use Ezoic.

Ezoic works with all existing ad partners, CMS, hosts, and infrastructure. Major media brands, agencies, and large publishing groups can contact sales to learn more about our Enterprise pricing.


Begin using Ezoic Monetization features 100% free for 30 days (no charges, sites keep 100% of revenue)

Ad Tester

Drag-and-drop ads. Ezoic tests and optimizes automatically on a per visitor basis.

Total Ad

Split-test Ezoic vs. current ad setup and control ad types, densities, and locations.

1000s of Ad Networks

Instantly provides access to popular ad networks, exchanges, header bidders, & more.


Free, SEO-optimized video player with built-in testing and ad monetization.

Big Data

See which audiences, pages, categories, word counts, and more are the highest earning.

Ad Mediation
& More

Connect existing ad partners, like AdSense, and have them compete with Ezoic partners.

All sites can select one of these two options:


No contracts, no credit cards, 30-day free trial

After 30 days, Ezoic keeps revenue from an ad on the page to pay for the continued use of Monetization features. This is the default setting for sites that begin using Ezoic.

10% Revenue Share

No contracts, no credit cards, 30-day free trial

Sites share 10% of the revenue earned using the Ezoic platform (sites still keep 100% of revenue from any linked Mediation partners).

UX Features

Ezoic UX features are 100% free for all Ezoic Monetization users

ezoic cloud

Ezoic Leap: Our flagship site speed toolset designed to help all sites pass Core Web Vitals in the field. It includes all the technologies, diagnostics, and recommendations necessary to improve site speed.

Ezoic Cloud: Super-fast CDN offered as a primary integration method. Ezoic Cloud includes Intelliprotect, Closed Guard, and Ezoic Edge technologies for enhanced security and site performance.


Tools for monitoring, adding a free SSL, and managing https on any site.

Ads.txt & Sellers.Json

Built-in applications to add and manage emerging ad experience measures, like ads.txt.

Full-featured consent management application for complying with common regulatory measures, like GDPR & CCPA.

Google Search UX Tools

Connect website Search Console data for UX monitoring and automated UX solutions provided by Ezoic.


For All Ezoic Customers Using Monetization

Ezoic Page UX features — including our flagship site speed toolset, Leap — are now free for all Ezoic customers using Ezoic’s Monetization features. Sites may need to be integrated via Ezoic Cloud to access and utilize all features listed.

Audience & Traffic Growth Features

Audience and Traffic Growth features are are available at no-cost for customers using Ezoic Monetization

SEO-Pro Video Player

Video Player built to automatically optimize for indexing in Google Search Engines.

Title Tag Tester

Tool to test and scientifically validate title tags that increase rankings in search engines.

Engagement Analytics

Content reports in Ezoic that show unique insights into audience engagement unavailable elsewhere.

Personalization A.I.

Use simple settings to adjust Ezoic A.I. embedded across features to optimize for UX, Revenue, or a custom formula.


For All Ezoic Customers Using Monetization

For sites that are not using Ezoic for Monetization or ad-serving, an active Ezoic+ subscription is required for all Ezoic Traffic and Audience Growth features.

Other Ezoic Products & Services

These products and services are only available after signing up and integrating with Ezoic. Ezoic+ subscriptions can be managed in the user settings menu of the main dashboard. Premium and Pro/VIP invites will display as a notification when they’re available to a site.

Ezoic Pro

A subscription service that offers unique access to courses, additional Ezoic features, and more

Ezoic Pro is currently still in development, but non-Monetization customers can purchase an Ezoic Pro subscription to Access UX and Traffic and Audience Growth features.

$5.99 / Monthly

$49.99 / Annually


An invitation-only service that delivers guaranteed brand advertiser deals.

Ezoic offers Premium to Monetization customers as a monthly subscription so publishers can keep 100% of these high-earning deals. It provides a guaranteed way of reaping the benefits of direct advertiser revenue without the overhead costs of sales teams or ad ops employees to sell and deliver the deals.



Exclusive offerings for existing Ezoic customers with sizable audiences

Services, features, and annual Premium discounts available to long-standing Ezoic publishers with large audiences and developing needs for expertise, insight, and direction. Offerings are personalized to each site and related to scaling growth and staying on the cutting-edge of digital publishing.


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