Publisher Profiles


Learn What Our Publishers Are Doing to Grow

We’ve compiled statistics on customers from every level to give you an inside look at all the possibilities available with Ezoic. Ever wondered what other publishers are doing to boost their EPMV, or how much revenue you could earn by using Ezoic? These profiles represent a healthy cross-section of our wide diversity of niches, levels, publishing experience and more.

VIP Profiles

VIP publishers are the highest “level” at Ezoic, and have the numbers to prove it. These publishers are invited on a limited basis based on extremely impressive performance. These profiles will tell the story of just what earns a publisher “VIP” status.

Level 4 Profiles

A publisher can obtain Level 4 status when they reach a high threshold for traffic and revenue: 500,000 monthly visits and $5,000 in monthly revenue. Here’s how these publishers got to where they are today.

Thanks to the decisions we made based on Ezoic Analytics, combined with Ezoic’s AI bidding system, we were able to double our Ad Revenue within 6 months. From $44K per month using only Google Adsense (before Ezoic), to $88K per month using Ezoic.

– Emmanuel Crouy, Level 4,

Level 3 Profiles

Level 3 publishers see a minimum of 70,000 monthly visits. Whether they have been with Ezoic for one month or one year, the numbers are noteworthy. See a snapshot of their success.

Level 2 Profiles

Level 2 publishers are midway through Levels, and have the potential to continue growing exponentially. Learn about these Level 2 publishers to see what Ezoic can do for smaller to mid-sized sites.

Seeing my little wins displayed front and center for me when I logged in to the Ezoic platform made me feel amazing and I started to see my earnings tick up by the cents and soon dollars. [Ezoic] made me feel like I really could be a successful internet creator.

– Holly Verran, Level 1,

Level 1 Profiles

Level 1 publishers have all the tools they need to continue to grow with Ezoic. These sites require more than 10,000 monthly visits and at least $50 in monthly revenue. These publishers have the enthusiasm and drive to help them advance throughout their digital publishing careers.

Access Now Profiles

Access Now publishers start their onboarding experience with Ezoic by taking exclusive courses to ensure their publishing success. These are smaller sites with less than 10,000 monthly visits, but they have unlimited growth potential. See how joining Ezoic has helped them.


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