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Behind the Scenes of Q4 Success. What these Sites Did Differently.

Behind the Scenes of Q4 Success. What these Sites Did Differently.

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Universal Player stood out as a major revenue generator in 2023; even more so as we head into Q4 . We know that EPMV is the metric we should focus on first and implementing the Universal Player can set the tone for how you leverage advertisers during Black Friday and how you position yourself at the start of 2024. I won’t spend time telling you how to turn the player on; you can find that here, and it takes less than 30 seconds to do.

How Video Transforms Ad Revenue for Publishers

We’re looking at a recipe site that is using ONLY videos from the Humix network, intelligently matched to their content using recommended settings. This is a significant win, as this site had no video content of its own and could immediately implement video as a new revenue stream. See that jump in November? That’s what you might be missing out on. What’s even more impressive is the impact on EPMV in such a short time.

From Recipe Website

This is nearly an 84% increase in EPMV, just from implementing the Universal Player using recommended settings!

Now, let’s look at a tool-type site that saw a substantial increase in their average EPMV after implementing the Universal Player through EzoicAds with recommended settings. Again, like the previous site, this publisher went from having no videos of their own to featuring one of the highest-earning content types on their pages instantly.

From Tool-type website

After activating the Universal Player, the site’s EPMV jumped 41% compared to their average.

Last, but certainly not least, is a gaming site that implemented the Universal Player the day after my previous blog on how to do so went live.

Game website.

This site experienced an increase of nearly 55% in their EPMV in just 3 days, with no other changes in their monetization setup. This was achieved by simply turning on the Universal Player in EzoicAds using the recommended settings. It’s literally that easy.

Video Monetization for Superior Ad Revenue

The data above provides valuable insights for publishers looking to strengthen their monetization strategy and elevate their site content with video. You can implement intelligently matched video content on your site and increase your earnings and EPMV with a simple toggle.

You don’t need your own video content to take advantage of this. For publishers who do have their own videos, the benefits are even greater, allowing you to earn revenue on your content as well as videos from the network.

In the end, the Universal Player not only makes publishers more money but is also fast and user-friendly. It improves the visibility of advertisements and manages in-stream and out-stream ads like no other platform, maximizing revenue potential for anyone who uses it.