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Why Ezoic is Not Your Ordinary AdSense Partner

Why Ezoic is Not Your Ordinary AdSense Partner

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In September 2014, Ezoic became the world’s first and only tech-based Google Adsense Certified Partner.  We are proud to be the first US-headquartered company to achieve this certification too!  Adsense Certified Partners are approved by Google to help website publishers maximize their site potential and increase Adsense earnings.  Most partners focus on increasing ad revenue; Ezoic goes a step further. Ezoic’s automated layout testing platform increases revenue while at the same time improving user experience – it’s relatively easy to make more money from testing different ad types and positions, but it’s hard to do that while ensuring a positive impact on user experience, which is one of the most important factors in site ranking.   Automatic multivariate testing enables publishers to improve the usability of their site while increasing ad revenue – a true win/win situation.


Google Adsense Certified Partner Program

 Ezoic’s certification as a Google Adsense Partner allows our publishers to access and benefit from the program. The program was built specifically to support selected AdSense certified partners to help publishers optimize their sites, again specifically for revenue.   While most AdSense certified partners take a revenue share, or charge a consultancy fee, Ezoic’s service is completely ad-supported so there are no out of pocket costs for publishers using our service.  So for no fee Ezoic can help increase revenue and enhance user experience metrics, which has been shown time and time again to win our publishers more traffic over time.

The main benefit of joining the program while using Ezoic’s platform is that it allows a true, almost real time ‘apples-to-apples’ comparison of your original layout’s performance against the Ezoic test layouts.  It does this by reporting the revenue and user experience metrics from your original layout using your own ad tags and AdSense account revenue for the portion of visitors directed to the original layout.  So your original site continues to operate as normal and dukes it out against the new layouts of your site in a transparent, accountable way – and this also helps speed up the optimization process!


Ad Network vs Ad Exchange

All publishers working with Ezoic will also have the opportunity to work with Google’s ad exchange. The ad exchange gives publishers access to a wider range of ad networks (including AdSense) who compete in real time for the ad inventory on the Ezoic versions of the site. The competitive ecosystem and real-time bidding process provide publishers with high quality ads and the best prices for the ad space.

If you’d like to take advantage of all the benefits of testing your site, feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] or check out www.ezoic.com for more information!