What is Mediation and How Can It Help Your Website Revenue?

What is Mediation and How Can It Help Your Website Revenue?

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Every day, countless publishers are making far less money each day than they could by not maximizing their incoming revenue. One of the biggest reasons for this lack of income is not fully understanding mediation revenue and not connecting it to your website.

We’ll cover exactly what mediation revenue is in more detail below, but essentially, by turning on mediation revenue in your site, you ensure you always have the most ad networks bidding for advertisements on your site. This will help maximize your revenue (higher bidder competition means more overall site revenue) and simplify your processes, as using mediation tools bring all aspects of ad management into one simple dashboard. 

Mediation platforms allow publishers to get centralized access to not just one, but several ad networks at once. This means that the mediation platform pulls far more advertisement bids from multiple ad networks simultaneously, which populates your website’s ad spaces with the highest-paying advertisements possible. 

Fortunately, Ezoic already has relationships with the vast majority of these players, and it’s not necessary to create direct accounts with them (unless you have a prior relationship with them through advertisements). Linking AdSense is really the most important part here (which we’ll cover below).

This strategy primarily stems from the increased competition between the ad networks bidding on your site using an optimized algorithmic process to determine which ads perform the best, which increases several traits of your site, mainly the ad quality and the overall user experience (users always prefer relevant and contextual ads).

In short, implementing mediation revenue gives you access to countless ad networks and helps make sure you’re getting the highest payout from these networks for ads on your site.

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Why is Mediation Important, and Why Should Ezoic Publishers Care?

The most lucrative websites have several traits that every Ezoic publisher should strive for:

  • Great user experience
  • High-quality content
  • Relevant and high-quality ads
  • Fast site speed
  • A coherent, appealing content strategy

Mediation supports many of these traits and makes it far easier for publishers to run a fast, high-quality site. The best websites prioritize user experience, and mediation tools help display the most relevant ads to your viewers. This in turn increases visitor return rate and page viewing time, which all combine to collect more revenue for your site. 

The problem is, countless ad networks often don’t allow for these experiences on publisher websites; many of these networks are often bidding with lower-quality ads that hurt the overall user experience, resulting in less return traffic and page viewing time. Implementing mediation revenue helps clean up your site’s ads and contribute to a far better user experience for your audience, which helps increase your overall revenue over time.

Perhaps the most important aspect of mediation is that it can greatly increase your revenue by improving your EPMV through generating superior advertisements from multiple ad networks instead of just one or two. You can link your existing AdSense account (more on that below) via Ezoic’s Mediation app, which allows Ezoic to leverage your account’s historical data to improve our machine learning. You can find more info on how to do that here.

Linking your Google AdSense with Ezoic’s Mediation app also helps give you data to some of the most important metrics of your site, like your EPMV. You can see in real-time how effective the mediation processes are in generating revenue for your site, and adjust any settings on the fly directly from the dashboard. Ezoic even offers a free EPMV calculator so you can calculate your EPMV immediately. 


Hopefully, you’re realizing why mediation revenue is so important as a publisher. A lucrative website that consistently brings in increasing revenue is dependent on myriad factors, especially the main pillars of a great user experience, relevant ads, fast site speed, and high-quality content that users want to keep coming back to. Mediation supports several of these site assets, and it’s extremely easy to implement mediation revenue.

The Biggest Benefits of Linking Google AdSense with Ezoic

If you haven’t already, here’s a simple walkthrough on how to link your existing Google Adsense account with Ezoic to start enjoying these benefits immediately.

As a Google Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic is able to give publishers enormous benefits when it comes to maximizing site revenue. One of these benefits is easily linking your existing Google AdSense account with your Ezoic website. Once you do, Ezoic can use the data from your AdSense account to optimize during testing, which basically gives Ezoic a baseline for improving your ad revenue and speeding up the optimization process for your site. This means you’re always in control of every step of this strategy. 

Using the Ezoic mediation app is easy to use as well. This app allows you to link your existing ad networks (including AdSense) with Ezoic. Now when you set up ad networks within the mediation, they will compete with Ezoic’s very own ad partners for your advertisement slots, which guarantees the highest-paying ads for your website. 

You can track this data at any time and see for yourself, and you can opt out of this any time from your AdSense dashboard. Doing so will help you create a more data-driven approach to your advertisement strategy and ensure you’re always earning the most income possible each month.

In Conclusion

It should be clear by now: mediation revenue is an excellent strategy to implement on your website. It ensures you’re getting the highest possible payout from advertisers, creates a better user experience for your audience, and simplifies the entire advertisement revenue process by compiling all metrics, data, and reports in a single dashboard. 

Applying mediation revenue has almost no drawbacks, and greatly helps to increase your site’s revenue. When you combine these high-level revenue strategies with well-optimized SEO and high-quality content, it’ll be far easier to level up through Ezoic, earn more revenue, and spread your message to a larger and larger audience.

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