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Announcing Ezoic Leap, A Website Performance Toolset

Announcing Ezoic Leap, A Website Performance Toolset

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What is Ezoic Leap?

Want to skip my text below? You can watch my video above, or simply check out some of the images for an overview below this brief synopsis of Ezoic Leap.

I’m going to share something with you today that we are really excited about and it’s called Ezoic Leap. With the coming Google “Page Experience” update, publishers are really concerned about things like website performance — and more specifically — their website’s Core Web Vitals.

While I’ll save my thoughts on the attention this has gotten relative to the impact it will likely have on a publisher’s search traffic for another day, I do find the web overall to be more and more bloated as time goes on. You can blame javascript, and unnecessary expansion of native features in popular CMS like WordPress. This trend has made addressing the complexities of website performance especially difficult for publishers, as small independent sites may not have the technical resources to troubleshoot website performance alongside other important responsibilities, and large brands struggle with where to balance something like performance against competing content or design considerations.

That’s why I am excited to finally talk about Ezoic Leap.

Leap is a completely free website performance tool that we designed to be an all-in-one app to diagnose and address each site’s performance issues one by one so that every site can achieve good Core Web Vitals and excellent performance for their readers.

What about Ezoic’s Site Speed Accelerator you may ask? It will be completely replaced by Leap when it’s launched globally to all customers. Once available, Leap will take the place of the Site Speed Accelerator in the Speed tab of the Ezoic dashboard, and will be free to all Ezoic Monetization customers.

You can check out our Leap page or the slides below if you’re curious about what will happen to the “+” (paid) features provided in the Site Speed Accelerator (Hint: Leap will be way better, free, and anyone paying for features will have payments canceled, refunded, or credited).

Seeing many customers achieve fast or passing or Web Vital scores, we got a better picture of why 90% of the web is struggling with simply what they need to do to make their site’s faster. We decided that features that optimize speed alone wouldn’t be enough to help the main problems we see sites being slower. In fact, sites often come to us believing Ezoic is making them slower, when in fact this is almost NEVER the case (and if it is, we can show a site what they need to change to make it faster with Ezoic vs. without). Leap includes a full suite of features that can replace poorly built plugins, subscription speed tools, and even expensive developers.


Because ultimately, every site is just slightly different enough that simply optimizing code, content, and server response times isn’t enough. Site’s need to know how to make those features work to their maximum potential on their site. They also need to know when a host, CMS, theme, or script on their pages is hamstringing their speed and UX.

Leap was built to identify issues in actionable ways, address fundamental speed solutions with cutting-edge features, provide simple directions to complex problems, and highlight the root cause of poor timings or metrics. We also know the comparison is a method many publishers want in regards to speed… what host do fast sites use? What WordPress plugins are they installing? Leap will include highlights of what the fastest sites using Ezoic are using and doing; while providing some insight into the difference that change might make on your site.

Leap will be rolled out to all Ezoic Monetization customers prior to the Google Page Experience update. You can learn a little more about it by watching my video, seeing the images below, or by visiting the ezoic.com/leap/ page and subscribing for updates.

We’re really looking forward to being able to help our customers address something we know has been a headache for them for far too long.

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Tyler is an award-winning digital marketer, founder of Pubtelligence, CMO of Ezoic, SEO speaker, successful start-up founder, and well-known publishing industry personality.

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