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What Ezoic Publishers Should Know About the New Certified Seamless Partnership Program

What Ezoic Publishers Should Know About the New Certified Seamless Partnership Program

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Have you seen the news? Yesterday, we unveiled our Certified Seamless Program for the first time. With the announcement of our Certified Seamless partnerships, the goal is for you, our Ezoic publishers, to easily navigate technologies that have been proven to work well with Ezoic. 

While this is exciting news, all this information is nothing without context, so let’s break it down!

Here we’ll go over the main points our publishers should know about our Certified Seamless partnerships. Read on to get answers to these five quick questions:

  • Why did Ezoic do this?
  • What does “Certified Seamless” mean?
  • Will this affect how I use Ezoic?
  • Do I have to use these technologies?
  • Are these the only Certified Seamless partners you’ll have?

Why did Ezoic do this?

We know that Ezoic is compatible with any technology out there, but we also know that things are always changing. There are so many options for hosting, security, plugins and other technologies publishers might put on their site that it gets overwhelming to sift through them and make sure everything is working properly. 

Our intention here was to “un-muddy” the waters and make things simpler for our publishers. Rather than having to check through different technologies and troubleshoot what needs to change to work swiftly together, this list of technologies is known to work well with Ezoic, all the time. 

This lets publishers focus their efforts on producing content and driving traffic, rather than spending time on deleting code or troubleshooting why something is slow, for example.

What does “Certified Seamless” mean?

Certified Seamless simply means that the technologies listed have been proven to work well with Ezoic, without issues and without extra effort on the publisher’s part. We have established partnerships with A2Hosting, Amazon Lightsail, Cloudflare, Kinsta, Krystal, Siteground, and the server security company, BitNinja Technologies.

Because these technologies are now Certified Seamless, publishers who use them can expect to have a smooth experience without error. Important to note: You cannot access these technologies from your dashboard, they are just listed as suggestions and you must secure these technologies yourself if you choose to use them.

Will this affect how I use Ezoic?

Nope, nothing about your current setup and configuration will change. If you’re using a different host, CDN or other technology, you can continue using that technology without any negative consequences from this program.

However, if you decide that you want to switch to one of these technologies, you can rest assured that they will work well. 

Do I have to use these technologies?

Nope, you can use whatever technology you want! These are simply suggestions that we know will work well because we partnered with them to certify that they will.

As always, your website is in your hands. We only seek to make your life easier, so if this doesn’t help you, no need to make any kind of switch.

Are these the only Certified Seamless partners you’ll have?

No! We are looking forward to continuously monitoring the program’s success and adding new partners if they meet our requirements. We are happy to work with many technologies, so long as it’s in the best interest of our publishers.

Interested partners can fill out this form to get in touch with us! Even if a partner is currently not perfectly seamless, we are also happy to work with them to problem solve so our publishers can use that technology with more ease.

Your website is in your hands

What we want our publishers to take away from this update is that it is only a good thing for publishers. We will never force publishers to make any changes to their sites they are not comfortable with. 

We are always trying to find ways to educate our publishers and make their lives easier. We’re confident that this is one step that will make Ezoic even easier to use!

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Linden is a former journalism graduate of the University of Missouri turned social media and content marketer. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French and is responsible for Ezoic social marketing strategies.