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3 Easy Ways To Turn Your Blog Posts Into Social Media Content

3 Easy Ways To Turn Your Blog Posts Into Social Media Content

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So, you’ve written some great pieces of content and you’re ready to get some views. A natural next step is to turn your blog posts into social media content, but sometimes this step gets complicated – what should the post include? When should I send it? How can I make this process efficient? 

In this blog, we’ll walk you through our top tips to turn your blog posts content to social media content in a smart and effective way. After all, what do we always say? Work smarter, not harder.

Read along for these quick tips we use to make sure our content gets the most value it possibly can.

  1. Identify the most shareable aspects of your article
  2. Strategize a posting system to maximize the value of one article
  3. Make your post(s) engaging and interesting

Identify the most shareable aspects of your article

When I am going through our most recent blog posts and finding what to post, there are a few different things I’m looking for in this content. I typically post about the same piece of content multiple times, with multiple angles.

Within one article, I can usually find at least 3-4 distinct social media posts. I typically look for this type of content:

1/ Summary

You can’t go wrong with a quick description of what the article is about. In this type of post, you’re teeing up what they will read about and adding a call to action (more on this later). You can come up with a couple variations of this that play to people’s different priorities. For example, in this post, “An Easy Guide for Ezoic Publishers to Create Graphics For Their Site,” you could touch on the challenge of creating graphics in one post, and then the effectiveness of graphics in another.

2/ A quick how-to list

Never underestimate the value of a quick how-to list. One type of post I will do sometimes is taking one or two of the tips we share and listing them, but adding a CTA to get the rest of the tips. 

3/ Grab another graphic

Another way I will sometimes share one article multiple times is by grabbing one of the graphics further down in the article rather than the featured image. In the below tweet, this was an image featured in the article to summarize one section.

By doing this, you vary the subject material and gives a preview into the content you’re sharing without seeming too close to the original. The goal here is finding multiple angles to share so that they might appeal to more people to click the link. 

4/ Share a quote

Once again, what we’re doing here is trying to build the different appeal that one single piece of content could deliver. If we stick to just the featured image, it’s less interesting than varying the content we are letting our users see and click through.

There are definitely more ways to share an article, but these are some of what I scan for when I am planning out social media content. This helps the content to look fresh and reach a wider audience.

Strategize a posting system to maximize the value of one article

Above, I talked about how to identify multiple shareable pieces of content within one article. Beyond this, you’ll want to figure out how, when and where to share these different posts.

For instance, if you post multiple times on the same platform in the same day about just one article, it might be excessive. I would think about when you want to post about a certain article, and always remember to vary your strategy by platform.

For instance, you may want to post fewer times on Instagram or LinkedIn, but there is more flexibility with posting to Twitter or Facebook. 

You can find your own best practices on frequency, but I will typically post a few times in the week that the article posts. After a month or two, if I’m in need of some new content for social media, I may look to older posts to recycle them once again. Just because you post an article once in August does not mean you can never promote it again!

Make your post(s) engaging and interesting

We’ve covered this a few times now, and if you’re a content creator, you of course know it’s important to keep your audience engaged. Below is an example of what I would NOT do
(More Dos and Don’ts here).

I use a social media scheduling tool that has a chrome extension and can suggest text for a post when I go to share a certain article. I use this tool for ease of sharing, but it is important to ALWAYS change the copy. The text below is not engaging at all and will almost definitely look automated and robotic, which is the opposite of how you want to appear. 

turn your blog posts into social media tips

To engage your audience, here are some quick suggestions I would offer. (I would also recommend doing your own research on this, but here’s another blog post on some best engagement practices.)

  1. Include relevant hashtags
  2. Ask questions at the end of a post to encourage conversation. “Are there any tips you’d add to this list?”
  3. Include a call to action – “Click the link to learn the rest of our tips…”
  4. Include graphics
  5. Include emojis 
  6. Tee up posts with polls or threads

Wrapping it all up: Ezoic’s simple ways to turn your blog posts into social media content

Social media is something most of us interact with on a daily basis. Getting the strategy right is another story. It can be easy to share one simple post and then move on, but one article is actually a gold mine for creating social media content.

By following some simple steps and varying your posts, you can amplify the value of that one piece of content quite a bit. 

If you’re interested in learning about other aspects of social media, from varying your post by platform to some basic Dos and Don’ts, here are a few blogs by Ezoic we’d recommend:

Linden is a former journalism graduate of the University of Missouri turned social media and content marketer. She speaks fluent English, Spanish, and French and is responsible for Ezoic social marketing strategies.

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