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Tiny House, Big Success: TinyHouse.com’s Monetization Mastery

Tiny House, Big Success: TinyHouse.com’s Monetization Mastery

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Today, we delve into the journey of Tiny House Hub, a niche website dedicated to the world of tiny houses, and how their partnership with Ezoic breathed new life into their online publishing venture.

Over the course of two years, Tiny House Hub’s experience with Ezoic has not only revolutionized their monetization strategy but also shed light on the power of data-driven decisions and the pivotal role of a dedicated account manager. Join us as we explore the inspiring narrative of Tiny House Hub and discover the keys to their remarkable success in the digital publishing landscape.

An Online Hub for Tiny House Enthusiasts

Meet Jason and Zach Francis, seasoned online publishers with a passion for all things tiny homes. With over 9 years of dedicated involvement in the tiny house, cabin, small home, RV, van, and simple living movement, they bring a wealth of experience to the online community.

Their journey began by founding and managing the world’s leading tiny house company, Tiny Heirloom, where they designed and constructed over 100 custom tiny homes. They also co-hosted a popular TV show with HGTV, titled “Tiny Luxury.”

Jason and Zach, founders of TinyHouse.com

Today, Jason and Zach continue their mission by providing the tiny house community with high-quality resources and education through their platform, Tinyhouse.com. As your hosts and guides, they offer workshops, conferences, Q&A sessions, community groups, memberships, plans, designs, and more to assist you at every stage of your tiny house journey.

Discovering the Value of Display Ads

Tiny House Hub’s journey with Ezoic began approximately two years ago, marking the start of a transformative period in their online publishing career. This partnership proved to be pivotal, but before that, they faced a significant challenge: monetizing their unique content, which primarily focused on short-form databases of tiny houses.

Their breakthrough moment came when they realized the true value of the traffic they were bringing to their site through display ads. This discovery was a game-changer, as it unlocked the potential of their content and set the stage for their journey to success. They shared, “When we realized the traffic we were bringing to our site was actually valuable through display ads!”


Ezoic’s suite of tools offered an unexpected advantage in optimizing TinyHouse.com’s ad revenue. They highlighted the ability to utilize high-performing ad types directly through Google, even surpassing what other ad partners had offered. By strategically switching out underperforming ad types using Ezoic AI to personalize ad delivery for every visitor, they achieved remarkable results.

“Ezoic told us they could keep using those high-performing ad types directly through Google, and then switch out the specific underperforming ad types. It worked like a charm!”

Data-Driven Content Strategy

For Jason and Zach, one of the most significant impacts of partnering with Ezoic was the ability to gain deep insights from their analytics. These insights led to a shift in their content strategy.

“Being able to see which types of pages perform the highest helped us identify the types of content to replicate,” they shared, “For instance, we previously avoided long-form content because it never brought in the traffic compared to our short-form content. But through Ezoic Analytics, we realized that though our longer form content was getting fewer visits, they were earning substantially more. This allowed us to put more resources towards creating long-form content and increasing our EPMV!”

This report shows that articles with higher word counts earn more revenue for TinyHouse. Find this report in Big Data Analytics > Content > Page Details

The result? An increase in EPMV (earnings per thousand visitors) and overall revenue.

Revenue increase over the past two years

A Trusted Partner

The journey to monetary success online was not without guidance; Jason and Zach found a valuable ally in Jason, their Ezoic success manager.

They emphasized, “It’s been awesome working with Jason. He’ll give us insights we sometimes miss, and give us industry insights that are sometimes hard to find but can be incredibly impactful.” Jason’s industry knowledge and a keen eye for opportunities played a crucial role in TinyHouse.com’s journey to success.

Jason and Zach’s story is a shining example of how the right tools and partnerships can transform niche content into a thriving online publishing venture. With Ezoic’s support and insights, they not only overcame challenges but also maximized the potential of their unique content. Their journey is an inspiring reminder that in the digital landscape, success is attainable with the right strategies, tools, and a dedicated team.

Sarah is a social media expert and successful brand marketer. She has experience growing brands and content across multiple different platforms and is always on the cutting edge of emerging social platform and internet culture trends.

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