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TikTok Tests YouTube in Long-Form Content Trials: Publishing Pulse 

TikTok Tests YouTube in Long-Form Content Trials: Publishing Pulse 

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TikTok Experiments With 30-Minute Videos, Marking Significant Shift In Platform 

TikTok is experimenting with allowing users to upload videos up to 30 minutes long, marking a significant shift from its origin as a platform for short-form content. This feature, currently in testing within the iOS beta version in the U.K. and on some Android devices, signals TikTok’s strategic move towards becoming a hub for longer-form content, thereby intensifying its competition with platforms like YouTube. 

While TikTok originally had a 15-second limit, it has progressively increased its maximum video length, reflecting its adaptability to creator and viewer demands for diverse content ranging from educational segments to potentially full TV show episodes.

Despite this expansion, TikTok continues to honor its roots by incorporating features like fast-forwarding to maintain engagement with users who prefer shorter videos, though the official broader launch of the 30-minute format is yet to be confirmed.

2024 Outlook for Local Media: Digital Growth and Emerging AI Focus

In 2023, nearly half of local media executives reported an increase in digital revenue, with a strong positive outlook for 2024 as 79.7% anticipate further growth. Despite only 7% prioritizing AI, many are keen to monitor its development, aligning with top trends like audience engagement and cross-platform strategies.

Successful initiatives included digital subscriptions and technology enhancements, while challenges ranged from tech expertise shortages to advertising revenue dips. This snapshot, gathered from a September 2023 survey among the Local Media Consortium’s community, underscores the evolving focus on digital transformation and the potential pivot towards AI-integrated operations in the media landscape.

Google Cloud and Hugging Face Unite to Accelerate AI Software Development in the Cloud

Google Cloud has announced a strategic partnership with AI startup Hugging Face, marking a significant move to bolster AI software development on its platform. This collaboration is set to meet the increasing demands of businesses seeking specialized AI solutions for product enhancement and internal operations optimization. 

Through this partnership, developers will gain direct access to Hugging Face’s extensive open-source repository, which houses a wealth of AI models and data sets. This integration not only promises a surge in AI software development but also positions cloud-based AI computing as a potential major player, potentially outpacing traditional cloud software sectors. 

While financial details of the revenue-sharing agreement remain undisclosed, the partnership is a clear response to the burgeoning sector of AI, with Hugging Face’s repository anticipated to double its offerings shortly. Moreover, the alliance paves the way for developers to harness the power of Google’s dedicated AI chips and incorporate Nvidia’s cutting-edge H100 AI chips, signaling a future rich in innovation and advanced AI capabilities in the cloud domain.

Embracing a Skills-Based Workforce: Navigating the AI Shift in the Labor Market

As technology and generative AI reshape the labor market, a shift from traditional job-focused models to skills-focused approaches is emerging. This paradigm values granular, adaptable skills over rigid job titles, emphasizing the need for organizations to thoroughly understand and catalog their employees’ competencies. 

This detailed knowledge aids in identifying skill gaps and forecasting future needs, guiding skills-based workforce planning. Companies are increasingly investing in employee training for digital skills, recognizing the manifold benefits of this approach, including enhanced efficiency, adaptability, and innovation, as well as fostering a more diverse talent pool.

In this evolving landscape, roles are viewed as fluid collections of competencies, underpinned by a workforce that is continually reskilling and upskilling, aligning with the dynamic demands of the modern workplace.

Big Tech CEOs Continue To Defend Saftey For Children on Social Media 

In a significant move, Florida’s House has passed a bill that aims to ban social media accounts for users under the age of 16, positioning the state to potentially enact one of the strictest social media regulations in the United States. The bill mandates social media platforms to deny access to minors under 16 and to remove existing accounts held by young users, incorporating stringent age verification processes.

The move comes amidst a broader national debate, with various state legislatures weighing similar restrictions and New York City recently designating social media as a hazardous influence on youth mental health. 

Meanwhile, Congress is set to intensely question tech CEOs, including Mark Zuckerberg and leaders from TikTok, Snap, Discord, and X, focusing on the potential harms social media poses to teens, notably concerns around depression and suicide. 

“No one really knows who should be responsible… should it be the app store or the parents?” comments guest host, Piper Lofrano on this week’s episode of The Publisher Lab podcast. Listen to the full episode here. 

While tech platforms have historically promoted tools aiding teens and families in making informed choices, Congress is pushing for actions beyond these safety measures. The hearings aim to scrutinize the executives on their platforms’ policies and tools designed to safeguard children and empower parents, amidst growing calls for substantial changes, such as disconnecting advertising from youth-targeted services and tackling the risks posed by generative AI in spreading harmful content. 

In response, platforms are implementing oversight tools, screentime controls, and content filters, with Meta advocating for federal legislation to enforce age verification in app stores. Smaller industry entities like X and Discord are also under the microscope. Discord is taking steps to clarify its platform’s structure and function to lawmakers, underscoring the need for industry-wide solutions to these pervasive challenges.

Sarah is a social media expert and successful brand marketer. She has experience growing brands and content across multiple different platforms and is always on the cutting edge of emerging social platform and internet culture trends.

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