The Journey Begins: Why We Built Ezoic


More than 6 years ago, I started Cubics, the first Facebook Ad Network for application developers.  When we launched, it was the only way for individual application developers to get something back for all the hard work they put into their Facebook applications.  Back in those days, Facebook applications were largely made by individuals, not professional companies. For several years, I had the pleasure of working very closely with those small application developers and I learned a lot, but one thing that stood out in my mind was that no matter what the content or application, the layout that the application used was extremely important.

At Cubics, we had an amazing engineering team, a team of data scientists and all the resources in the world working on solving the typical ad network problem of “What ad do we show to this user right now?”.  Despite all our resources and all our efforts, we were never able to match the results that could be gained by having the application developer improve their layout.  It was then that I realized that we were all working to solve the wrong problem.  In 2010, we started Ezoic to solve the right problem…

Our goal at Ezoic is to help the owners of small informational websites improve the layout of their websites to maximize revenue and enhance user experience.  We’ve been building our the technology for nearly 3 years and have quietly deployed it on hundred of websites reaching more than 20,000,000 individuals each month.  We’re currently in private beta — making sure everything is just right.  If you have your own site, I encourage you to join the beta here:

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