When Should You Put Ads On Your Website?

When Should You Put Ads On Your Website?
Articles written in 2019
Starter Site growing. The 100 visits per day mark is when you should put ads on your site.
This website in the recipe space wrote 39 articles during this time and saw steady growth in revenue and traffic using Ad Tester over the 6 month period.
If you’re wanting to learn how to write quality content to grow your site, our content writing guide is a fantastic place to start.
allen longstreet

By Allen Longstreet

Allen is a published author and accomplished digital marketer. The author of two separate novels, Allen is a developing marketer with a deep understanding of the online publishing landscape. Allen currently serves as Ezoic's head of content and works directly with publishers and industry partners to bring emerging news and stories to Ezoic publishers.


  1. Hi,

    Do you know why some website pages have higher RPMs than others? What’s the process behing which determines unique page RPM? Can advertisers pick a specific page to display their ads?

    It’s crazy to find two pages one with €6 RPM and another with €40, on consistant basis covering the same topic.


  2. This is insightful Allen. I implemented this on my site, I was getting organic traffic, but suddenly Ads was restricted on the site regarding source of the traffic.

    What do you think could possibly cause this and what’s the way out?

  3. Hi Allen,

    Thank you for this information. I have heard of people doing direct deals with affiliates. Is this a good idea? If so, how many views per month should you have before pursuing direct sales?

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