Tag Tester

Article titles that are optimized for search engines and your audience

Compelling titles that rank

Take the guessing out of creating your own titles. Run experiments to test which titles perform the best in search results across your pages.

Winning Titles that get indexed

Improves Click-Through Rates

Tag Tester optimizes your content's tags and metadata, attracting users to explore your site further

Increases Traffic

Fine-tuning titles for SEO ensures better search engine visibility, resulting in increased organic traffic

Decreases Bounce Rates

Refining titles provides a more engaging user experience for your audience

Choose your titles - Now Time to Test

These experiments will run in the background automatically for your site.

Tag Tester's AI runs the analyses, saving you time and removing subjectivity.

Select Your Pages

Identify which pages you want to include for the experiment. Input your potential titles, descriptions or both.

Testing Period Begins

The A/B testing process takes place immediately. All potential titles are being compared and tested across the web.

Review The Results

Once the experiment ends, you can review the performance data. Ezoic automatically switches your page title for the optimal one to signal to search engines.

Tag Tester Titles

Put your best Titles Forward

Allow Tag Tester to maximize your on-page SEO
so you can focus on writing content