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New Features June/July 2014

New Features June/July 2014

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Business and Corporate Sites

Ezoic’s optimization technology is now available for business and corporate sites who are looking to improve their website’s usability. Get access to touch-and-swipe enabled mobile and tablet versions of your site along with modern, user-friendly desktop versions.

Google has reported that upwards of 70% of people are more likely to use a service or buy a product if the company has a mobile-friendly site. Don’t lose out on those potential customers! 

Selecting Templates

You can now select the templates you want to test! Also, if you’re curious to see which layouts are performing best, navigate from the experiments page to the templates area to see a preview! (Settings > Templates)

Select the templates you want to test.

Ad Placements

In order to give you more control over the tests, you can now select the page positions ads can appear at.
Remember, the more restricted the tests are the less room for improvements! 

Ad Placements
Select the ad placements on the page.

Top Images

Along with the addition of hundreds of new templates, we also introduced the ‘Top Image’. Website owners can upload their own images or select from Ezoic’s library of images. These top images appear on some of the templates and bring more personality and flair into the look of the site. 

Top Images
Select top images to personalize the layouts.

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