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We all know about mobile apps – there are over 1.5 million apps available on both the Google Play Store (Android Devices) and Apple’s App Store – and most of us use them every day. You’ve probably even heard that people use apps more than the mobile web – which is true – but let’s dig in a little into exactly what that means.

 3 Facts About Mobile Apps You Need To Know

1.    People use apps WAY more than browsers.

  In fact, 87% of time spent on mobile devices is in apps vs 13% in the browser.


2.     Apps are taking over our digital lives.

Nearly half of ALL digital media time is now spent with apps.



3.     App usage is growing very quickly.

65% of the growth in all digital media over the last 2 years is from apps.



ok, so now you know how important mobile apps are – now let’s learn..

Why Your Website Needs a Mobile App


1.    Growth / Future-Proofing

Mobile apps are the most used medium for digital content consumption and usage is still growing at a breakneck pace.  This means that there is a major opportunity for growth by enabling users to access your website’s content via mobile apps.

Having a mobile app isn’t going instantly provide you with millions of new visitors, but as more and more people install your app, over time it can become a meaningful platform for you – and it brings many other benefits as well…


2.    Apps users are loyal.

While some of the visitors to your website are repeat visitors, the users of apps have proven to be VERY loyal.  On average, users on a mobile app are twice as likely to return, spend 3x the amount of time on the app per session and visit 300% more pages.

Combine the increased usage with the fact that you can send out push notifications to the people that have installed your app and what you’ve got is a highly engaged user base that is all yours – you don’t need to rely on Google search rankings, Facebook Likes or anything else to get that traffic.


3.    Apps are listed in search results.

Did you know that Google displays mobile apps in search results?  In the past year, Google has introduced a new search design to display apps more prominently and now includes the indexing of app content in google search (  It’s clearly a focus for Google and something you shouldn’t miss out on.

mobile-apps-search mobile-apps-search-2


4.    It’s an additional revenue stream.

While the revenue you earn from your mobile app won’t be significant at the start, each new install adds to your app’s user base.  Over time, this user base grows and, along with it, your revenue from your app.  On average, the earnings per session on mobile apps is higher than on the mobile web.

Historically, having an application developed was expensive and time-consuming.  In addition to Apple’s developer fee of $100, development typically costs thousands of dollars.  However, what most people miss is that the expenses don’t stop there.  Once an application is developed, it requires constant maintenance and improvement.  It needs to support new devices, new phone features and be updated with new content.  The Ezoic iOS app creator handles all of this for you.

Don’t let the future pass you by – Log in to your Ezoic account and get your app now.  It takes less than 10 minutes.

(to get started, simply install the iOS App Creator app in the Ezoic App Store)

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