How to Increase Web Traffic By Using Tools You Already Have


SEO is one of the most cost effective ways of increasing your web traffic. The traffic is free and it comes in consistently month to month. SEO is often perceived as challenging however. The results take a while to see and there’s no guarantee of success. What publishers, especially Ezoic publishers, should know though is that there are several tools already at their disposal to maximize their chances of success with an SEO campaign. Here are just a few, prioritized by the level of effort needed. 

1. Ezoic’s New Leap Tool 

Leap is a new, free tool from Ezoic that lets site owners optimize for Core Web Vitals while also boosting download speeds. For those unfamiliar with Core Web Vitals, I recommend reading Google’s guide to learn more about how it will affect your website. For those familiar, you know Core Web Vitals were announced as a ranking factor in 2020 and will start affecting performance toward the end of summer 2021. Site owners will want to have their Core Web Vital score (which is composed of three composite scores) to all be passing by the time Google is done rolling out its changes to its algorithm. If not, they risk losing positioning to competitors who have optimized their scores. 

Ordinarily, it could be quite difficult to achieve passing CWV scores without investing development resources into it. That can be quite expensive for a lot of publishers – especially those who run their website on their own. That is where Leap comes in. 

With the push of a button (ok, maybe a few buttons) Ezoic’s new tool will analyze your Core Web Vitals on your site for you and suggest recommendations to increase your score. Something that could take weeks of effort is done for you automatically. Passing Core Web Vitals will give you a good chance of experiencing a ranking boost over competitors who have suboptimal core web vital scores. 

2. Ezoic’s Tag Tester 

Ezoic has another free tool that allows publishers to A/B test their title tags also known as SEO titles. While changing your SEO titles may seem trivial – it can mean a big difference for certain SERPs. Your SEO title is the first thing readers will see when searching a topic your website writes about. If the SERP is competitive, odds are all the results will appear highly similar to those readers. An interesting and enticing title can be a distinguishing factor to get readers to click into your page more than your competitor’s. 

Increasing the click through rate of your page may ultimately end up pushing it up in the rankings too. You can use Ezoic’s tag tester to try out different titles at once. The tool runs the test and automatically catalogs the results – which means you don’t have to do any complex math yourself. After a few weeks you can have a proven, statistically significant winner based on the increase of click through rates. Using the Tag Tester over several important pages on your website can lead to potential significant increase in traffic. 

3. People Also Ask 

The People Also Ask (PPA) SERP feature is a non-Ezoic tool, but still a free tool to boost traffic.  Since early 2020, Google has increased the number of SERPs that have People Also Ask (PAA) features. Why is this noteworthy? Well, PAA is an insightful way to see how real life readers are searching for certain topics. If you are writing about a certain topic with the hope of ranking well for it, there are likely several subtopics that are necessary to make your piece of content comprehensive enough to beat out competitors and rank in the SERPs. The issue is, as you write your piece, you may not know all the subtopics or niche questions people are asking about that topic. Typing in some of the main keywords into Google will reveal some of subtopics through the PAA feature. Addressing those questions in your content will give you a leg up on your competitors and make your piece more comprehensive. 

Final Thoughts

SEO does require an investment at times, but there are numerous tools that are already at our disposal to increase traffic to our web sites. Ezoic users have access to two powerful tools that can garner more traffic, with very little actual effort. With the press of a button, Leap can boost rankings by improving your Core Web Vitals. Testing your titles and adding content based on PAAs requires a little more effort – but again, it is free and highly effective at increasing your web traffic. 

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By Craig Casazza

Craig Casazza, former owner of, is an independent publisher and SEO Director for Ayima. Craig is a former Associate Director of SEO at FIG and SmartAsset.