AdSense Ad Sizes & AdSense Ad Units Affect Google AdSense Earnings

If you have been working with ads on your website for some time, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the ad sizes you choose to display on your site can have a dramatic impact on AdSense earnings (we did a study on it here). There is absolutely no doubt that AdSense ad sizes — and types of AdSense ad units — affect revenue.

Depending on the layout of your site, the performance of different AdSense ad sizes can vary greatly. Generally speaking, AdSense has a few Google display ad sizes they recommend that are most effective. They are as follows:

Recommended Google Ad Sizes (most popular)

  • 336 x 280 large rectangle
  • 300 x 250 medium rectangle
  • 728 x 90 leaderboard
  • 300 x 600 half page
  • …and on mobile the 320 x 100 large mobile banner (not pictured here). 

AdSense earnings - adsense ad sizes - google ad sizes

*You can review the complete AdSense guide to ad sizes here.

There are certainly more. In fact, we’ve found a direct correlation between the number of ad sizes and placements tested, and the total amount of revenue earned by AdSense website publishers.

adsense ad sizes ad placements adsense

In this chart, you can see that number of Ezoic users added AdSense ad placeholder locations to there website to test on different kinds of visitors and saw their revenue double or even triple in some cases.

Evaluating Google Ad Sizes & Placements

Tip: It’s better to add one recommended AdSense ad unit than two smaller ad units next to each other.

Another rule of thumb to keep in mind is that vertical ad units usually perform better than horizontal ones. This is simply due to them staying on the screen longer. While the sizes mentioned above should have the biggest impact on your AdSense earnings, you should also consider viewability rates by ad size –

AdSense earnings - Google Adsense ad sizes and adsense ad units - google ad sizes

Other ad sizes/techniques you can consider using are responsive ads. Google now offers responsive AdSense code, meaning you can equip your site to dynamically change the size of ad units displayed based on the user’s screen. You should also try out Mobile Anchor Ads. AdSense now offers mobile partners a “mobile anchor ad” that sticks to the bottom of a screen when a user scrolls.

To summarize, the Google AdSense ad sizes you choose can have a huge impact on your AdSense earnings, so choose wisely 🙂

If you want to know more ways to improve AdSense ads on your site we just published a new post with some helpful information.

This brings up a whole, new topic. When you are choosing AdSense ad sizes, keep in mind not to focus on a single ad size on a single page that is performing really well. Even though it may be earning you a lot, it may be driving your users away or causing fewer page views which could end up costing you more than it’s making you. That’s why you should test your ad sizes.

Testing Display Ad Sizes

Okay, so far we’ve covered the basics on the most effective AdSense ad sizes that can impact your AdSense earnings. Now, taking it one step further – AdSense users can give more flexibility to ad units, allowing different sizes to appear in one location. The best strategy is to allow multiple ad sizes for your ad units. How do you do this? You may

The best strategy is to allow multiple ad sizes for your ad units. How do you do this? You may want to consider doing Split Testing or A/B Testing with your ad units.  This will give you an idea how one ad size performs compared with another.

AdSense Earnings - google display ad sizes

While measuring how different sizes perform on your site could be the key to unlock the site’s true revenue potential – manual tests are difficult and take a lot of effort. Furthermore, the revenue from your site will often vary greatly by time of year, time of

Furthermore, the revenue from your site will often vary greatly by time of year, time of week, time of day — as well as traffic source and geographics  — to effectively compare different ad combinations, you need to use split testing and/or account for outside variables. Hence; continuous, multivariate testing is the way forward!

The final word on Google ad sizes

AdSense ad sizes can dramatically affect ad earnings. It’s important to test combinations and configurations to ensure yours are performing well. You can do this really easily here.