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Google Certified Publishing Partner Spotlight: Ezoic Case Study

Google Certified Publishing Partner Spotlight: Ezoic Case Study

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Google Certified Publishing Partner Spotlight: Ezoic Case Study

Google’s Certified Publishing Partner, Ezoic , makes it easy for publishers to auto-optimize websites using A.I.

One of the top things on a site owner or publishers mind is how they can further optimize their site. Optimization can often take on a broad meaning; however, it is generally best defined by the goals that each site has for itself. Ezoic is a Google Certified Publishing Partner that has helped publishers grow revenue with solutions like DoubleClick for Publishers and AdSense using optimized layouts and multivariate ad testing.

Ezoic was recently spotlighted on the Inside AdSense blog for our success in helping publishers automatically optimize their sites to earn greater revenue and provide better user experiences. 

Ezoic platform users are able to successfully decrease bounce rate, increase time on site, and improve ad earnings by leveraging multivariate testing and machine learning on their site; according to the recent Ezoic study. These are generally some of the metrics most publishers are seeking to enhance through optimization. There is no cost to get started and Ezoic offers a free solution that most publishers choose to take advantage of for the long term.

Being a Google Certified Partner, Ezoic’s platform even makes it easier for publishers to apply to the Google Ad Exchange and access other functions that are not normally available to every publisher.

This was the premise of the recent Google blog and Partner Spotlight on optimizing publisher websites.

google certified publishing partner spotlight

What did the Partner Spotlight show?

The Partner Spotlight showed how Ezoic helped 3 separate — and very different — sites grow ad earnings and improve user engagement using a multivariate testing platform to quickly test things like content, layout, and ad combinations.

The ability to use multivariate testing and machine learning allows users to quickly identify which sets of criteria produce the best outcomes for their site. Whether it’s user experience, ad earnings, or something else, testing is the fastest way for sites to implement new procedures and experience a quick time to value with new initiatives.

Ezoic Case Study Example = Simply Psychology:

SimplyPsychology.org is a popular, go-to spot for students and teachers interested in psychology. According to an internal study commissioned by Ezoic, SimplyPsychology.org increased revenue by more than 400% and saw an 84% rise in time spent on the site by optimizing their layout with the testing platform.

How To Optimize Websites With Ezoic

Any publisher can get started with Ezoic. It is an easy platform that allows users to integrate with their existing Google AdSense accounts. The system provides tools that make it easy; even for the non-technical. Ezoic can be setup in 30 minutes and offers a no-cost option to publishers.

Ezoic founder Dwayne Lafleur explained further in the Partner Spotlight, “When we started Ezoic five years ago, we had the sole goal of making life easier for publishers. Running a website is much harder than it used to be – publishers have to worry about mobile support, site speed, and usability while also earning an income. For many people and businesses, this is their livelihood, so there’s a lot on the line.”

To get started with Ezoic, click here. Follow this link to read the full Partner Spotlight, “Ezoic makes it easy for publishers to optimize websites”.

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