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Google has been making a lot of changes recently.  A new holding company, new logo and now rolling out a new publisher program. So what is the Google Certified Publishing Partner program?  What does it mean for publishers and, indeed, what does it mean for Ezoic and those other companies who have been lucky enough to get through the certification process and partner-up with Google.Google Certified Publishing Partner

Well – firstly – the program is pretty self-explanatory.  The Google Certified Publishing Program was created by Google to help publishers get the most out of their websites.  Not all publishers have access to the expertise or tools required to run a website to it’s full potential.  Producing content online and making it work on all the devices available – with ads in the right places – isn’t as easy as it used to be.  Google has a reported 2m AdSense publishers, it’s hard for them to give all those people the attention and help that they need.  So, while there are great resources online like the AdSense Help Centre, – there is still the need for companies with technology and specialist expertise – to step in and give some extra help.   Becoming a Certified Partner wasn’t easy – and we’re glad to have been chosen and to have passed all the tests!

Ezoic obviously falls into the technology category (we’re not a consultancy), and we believe that we were chosen because we have an unrivaled software system for saving time, and making the most out of any site by testing what the users like best.  Testing ad positions and page layouts to see what works – builds usability and boosts ad income at the same time.  We believe that this is the most sustainable way of optimizing a site’s ad income.  ezoic gcpp certificate

Newly launched on 1st October 2015, Google has selected “Google Certified Publishing Partners” who are experts in (and tested on) Adsense, DoubleClick Ad Exchange (ADX), and DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) products.  

So far, only a handful of worldwide companies have been selected based on their previous experience helping publishers with all kinds of things, like – ad revenue optimization, mobile testing, UX testing, or audience development.

Working with a Google Certified Publishing Partner provides our partner sites with valuable account management resources and (where selected), access to Google beta products as well. Specifically, our publishers work directly with online advertising specialists, all of whom bring their knowledge and experience directly to you.  And best of all – Ezoic technology does all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

So – we see this as just the beginning.  Ezoic has been lucky enough to be selected as a Google Certified Publishing Partner and we’re (rightly) proud to have made it through.  Ezoic might have the best track record in helping publishers optimize their user experience, revenue and traffic increases – but we’re upping our game with new products and better and better tools.

Right now, the average revenue increase for a publisher’s ad income is 2.4x AND a 40% increase in usability scores (things like bounce rates,  time on site and page views per visit).  We want to beat those numbers and carry on improving.  Whether your content is displayed on a mobile device or desktop, or in your site, or in an app – Ezoic technology will be there to help.

We look forward to working with you!


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By Shelby Kang

Shelby Kang is the producer and co-host of, The Publisher Lab, a popular digital publishing industry podcast. She serves as a key member of the Ezoic marketing team and is the event coordinator for Pubtelligence, a series of large digital publishing events hosted at Google offices. She holds a marketing degree from SDSU and is an avid rock climber.

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